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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Have you ever thought about what we have in common with our car?
Our car is the vehicle of transportation that gets us where we want to go.
And our body is the means that moves us ......fast or slow.
A car, truck, or van has four tires--our body has four limbs.
If we were taking a lengthy road trip, we would take the time to equip!

Here are things to do so we don't slip!
Look under the hood. Check the radiator for leaks and flush as necessary, check sparks plugs, oil, and filters, and don't forget the engine. If it's sputtering find out why. When was the last time it had a tune-up and the tires rotated? How is the tread?
Has the owner’s manual ever been read?

Have you stopped to get a fill and does the heater work to take off the chill?

Have you had your engine checked, ( heart) and what do we know about our valves?
Just look at our amazing body and some of the things it does.

It is incredible what our magnificent body does that we don’t even think about.
Are we ignoring that nagging pain, unchanged and still the same?
If allowed to sit idle, cars, trucks, vans, and bodies will gather rust.
Shouldn't we use them and shake off the dust?
Does our vehicle smell like new, that make us proud--
yet our body has aches and pains that make us cry aloud!
Did we purchase that extended warranty for our car to go the extra mile,
While our bodies came with no guarantee, warranty, or trade in value.
Of course, things happen, not of our control—but if we do our part-our body will serve us well.

This is one way I rev my engine, get tuned-up-and tone-all while having FUN! If you are a Baby boomer, you may remember DION. And if not, Dion is still going strong—with a new Blues rock album out! Love him!

We can't trade our bodies in for a new model So let's take good care of the one we have! We don't want to have to get an overhaul-LOL


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