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Update on Week and Weight Loss

Sunday, September 27, 2020

I had training all day last week Friday with the rest of the Accounting and Payroll teams at my work. It was great meeting a couple of people who I've never met before as they work at the other office or remotely, and seeing some people who work at my office but are working remotely right now. It was nice to all be together. The Senior Accounting Manager made us little gifts.

The mug says, "Accountants work their assets off!" Cute right? We also got personalized pencils and key chains, tea bags, and granola bars. This is the person who got me the job. She always works so hard to make sure everyone feels appreciated and valued. It pays off.

Training was good and I learned a lot about things that I learned about briefly in school but have never actually used. There were plenty of good reminders and I got to teach several things that I have gotten to be an "expert" at in the last couple of months. It's nice when people come to me and ask me advice on how to do a task!

My weight loss is going well too. I was down 2.6 lbs. on Wed. and I maintained that over the course of the week. I was up a little bit today because I had a very yummy "snacky" S Day yesterday, but I am back at it today and trying to stay within my calorie range today. I have a piece of chocolate cake in the fridge, but I want to save that for next week Saturday rather than having it today.

I am doing well with the My Plate. Loading up on veggies seems to be paying off. My new veggie this week is Mexican Grey Squash, which is similar to zucchini. I found a recipe on Spark Recipes and sautéed some with onion, broccoli, and spinach. The recipe made a GIANT pot of veggies for the week. I also bought some late season corn on the cob and mustard greens, which I haven't had in ages. I will sauté the greens in a little olive oil tonight or tomorrow for this week. I am also going to make a pan of oven roasted broccoli for this week as I have just a little bit left that I will eat up tonight. And I still have Brussels sprouts and butternut squash that I made last week. So it's all about the veggies around here!

Today I'm Grateful For...
1) That I slept so well this weekend. I slept poorly all last week and this weekend I really caught up and feel much better.
2) That I found some new veggies/recipes to try this week.
3) That the weather managed to stay cooler today, though it's supposed to be about 10 degrees hotter (in the 100s) tomorrow.
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