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09/26/20 Day in Your Life

Saturday, September 26, 2020

"Never regret a day in your life: good days give experience, worst days give lessons, and best days give memories."

"I am convinced that the main purpose of the shinbone is to find furniture in the dark."

There was once a small boy who banged a drum all day and loved every moment of it. He would not be quiet, no matter what anyone else said or did. Various attempts were made to do something about the child.
One person told the boy that he would, if he continued to make so much noise, perforate his eardrums. This reasoning was too advanced for the child, who was neither a scientist nor a scholar.
A second person told him that drum beating was a sacred activity and should be carried out only on special occasions. The third person offered the neighbors plugs for their ears; a fourth gave the boy a book; a fifth gave the neighbors books that described a method of controlling anger through biofeedback; a sixth person gave the boy meditation exercises to make him placid and docile. None of these attempts worked.
Eventually, a wise person came along with an effective motivation. He looked at the situation, handed the child a hammer and chisel, and asked, “I wonder what is INSIDE the drum?”
No more problem.

It's Better Breakfast Day! A day to encourage us to have a healthy breakfast instead of skimping it or eating on the fly. We Sparkers are already on that page!
--Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons: this is an UN initiative to raise awareness of the dangers of escalation between countries and to promote the benefits of nuclear disarmament.
--European Day Of Languages: a day in Europe to encourage learning all languages across Europe to increase cultural awareness, promote rich linguistic and cultural diversity.
--Fall Astronomy Day: observed on the Saturday of September nearest to the Quarter Moon, today reminds us to look to the stars and get out the telescopes.
--Family Health and Fitness Day USA: observed on the last Saturday of September; today is a promotion for a day to encourage physical activity as a family to help establish healthy habits for all members.
--Fish Amnesty Day: observed on the 4th Saturday of September; today was started by PETA to recognize fish as living animals with rights and protections just as other vertebrates; today encourages the move to complete vegetarianism.
--Human Resource Professional Day: today is a salute to the professionals responsible for staff negotiations, corporate liaison and legislative interpretation; these folks need many people skills to bring together the right people for the right job.
--International Rabbit Day: observed on the 4th Saturday of September; today is a day to raise awareness for protection of all rabbits, wild and pets at home.
--Johnny Appleseed Day: observed twice a year on March 11 and today; born John Chapman this day 1774, he actually would establish a nursery of apple trees and pass the maintenance on to another so he could move on to establish nurseries over several states; he didn't wear a tin pot as shown by Disney but he did wear a tin cap for practical reasons.
--Kiwanis Kids' Day: observed on the 4th Saturday of September; local Kiwanis are sponsoring activities to show and highlight the communities' appreciation and pride of its kids.
--Lumberjack Day: the term lumberjack first appeared in Canada in 1831; a day to honor the archetypal woodsman, represented by Paul Bunyan; during the height of their profession in 1906, there was over 500,000 lumberjacks; from checkiday: "Lumberjacks have gained a mythological status in American folklore and culture. They are often stereotyped as having burly beards, long sleeve flannel shirts, suspenders, and boots, and as having a voracious appetite—particularly for flapjacks or pancakes. Paul Bunyan is the main lumberjack of folklore, and real life loggers such as Jigger Johnson and Joseph Montferrand also have gained legendary status for being lumberjacks. Today, logger sports keep the traditions of lumberjacks alive, as do lumberjack shows. The Lumberjack World Championships have been held in Hayward, Wisconsin, since 1960."
--Mesothelioma Awareness Day: today raises awareness of the cancer that attacks the smooth lining of the chest, lungs, heart and abdomen; this disease is directly linked to the inhalation of asbestos fibers, and most commonly diagnosed in construction and industry workers who have worked with asbestos products.
--Museum Day: on the 4th Saturday of September, today celebrates all museums as the font of knowledge that they are; there are many free or discounted tickets for today, so check your listings.
--National Compliance Officer Day: today is a salute to the professional who oversees the regulations, policies and procedures of a company to keep them out of trouble.
--National Dumpling Day: today is a salute to a dish of dough with a filling; no single point of origin as the dumpling appears in almost every cuisine, prepared differently with different fillings.
--National Ghost Hunting Day: observed on the last Saturday of September; today is the start of an annual international investigation of the paranormal; today is for finding abandoned mansions with murderous histories.
--National Hunting and Fishing Day: observed on the 4th Saturday of September; today celebrates 2 major outdoor activities.
--National Pancake Day: a day sometimes associated with Lumberjack Day as those lumberjacks have a rep of really liking their pancakes; pancakes appear to date back to ancient Greece.
--National Public Lands Day: observed on the 4th Saturday of September; an annual event of volunteer efforts to clean up public lands and to appreciate their beauty; many parks have free admission today.
--National SeatCheck Saturday: observed on the 4th Saturday of September; today is a national event for parents of kids that need car seats or boosters to have the installation of the seats checked; many car dealerships hold the events and some have giveaways to encourage the right seat for each child.
--National Singles Day: on the Saturday of National Singles Week; whether never married, divorced or widowed, there are 44.9% of US adults that are single--that's over 110 million singles; today celebrates the singles population and their contribution to the fabric of our lives.
--National Situational Awareness Day: today is to remind us to be mindful of our environment for our personal safety; a timely reminder with the prevalence of electronic devices diverting our attention even while moving around in public.
--National Wildlife Ecology Day: observed on the 4th Saturday of September; today highlights the importance of all animals to the overall balance of nature around the world and the importance of the relationship of humans to animals as stewards.
--Save Your Photos Day: observed on the last Saturday of September; a day to educate how to properly store and repair your photos; probably could find events on how to digitally save old photos.
--Shamu the Whale Day: today is in honor of the original Shamu at SeaWorld from the 1960's and all the orcas who followed.
--World Contraception Day: today is to improve awareness and education to enable people to make informed decisions regarding sexual and reproductive health.
--In 1969, from Wiki: "Abbey Road is the eleventh studio album by English rock band the Beatles, released on 26 September 1969 by Apple Records. The recording sessions were the last in which all four Beatles participated."

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