My current tiny habit - end of Sept 2020

Thursday, September 24, 2020

I posted this in my two main groups, but it is long so I am putting it in a blog also.

Tiny Habits:

I am going to speak out more about how I am using tiny habits hoping this will encourage others how they are using it (e.g. their choices, how it is going, what they are changing to make it work better, etc.) and we can all motivate each other and find what works for us.

I put a longer post on the basics in a blog: www.sparkpeople.com/mypa

The tiny habit I am working on now is to do my morning routine first thing in the morning before I do anything productive – do my morning routine gets done!!

One thing I have seen, when I get the tiny habit right (e.g. figuring out the anchor – what I do the habit after, figure out a tiny habit that creates the behavior I want, etc.), it just flows. So if I am struggling, I just need to keep playing with it or stop and say what is really stopping me from getting the behavior done.

I have struggled with getting my morning routine done a lot. It ties into not taking care of me first. Doing swing shift hours so often some work task is pulling at me first thing in my morning. Not liking to eat regularly. And I am sure other things. This is not uncommon that we have to change things up until we find that what works.

However, eating a high protein meal first thing as well as taking my supplements makes a big difference in how I feel and how my whole day goes including my weight loss tasks.
I have tried different tiny habits the last 6 months or so to improve this behavior that just plain old flopped.

I realized that the key thing was jumping on my computer (and focusing on tasks there rather than on my morning routine). So that key point became my new focus.
My latest try is going well. My tiny habit, this BLC, started as:
After I look at my computer and think about turning it on, I will say “I will do my morning routine before I turn on my computer”.

Well I don’t say it out loud most days, but I think it each time and that works great (morning routine gets done before the computer went on) so this week I officially I changed it to:
After I think about turning on my computer, I think “I will do my morning routine before I turn on my computer”.

Note: Sometimes I turn on the computer before I am finished with my morning routine (e.g. while eating but before I take my supplements), but I do nonproductive things (like read the news). But I am leaving the wording the same since I am saying something meaningful to me that creates the behavior I want (doing my morning routine before being dragged into productive activities) – the last week it worked 6 days out of 7. The 7th day I really, really didn’t want to eat, so I need to work on this situation (e.g. when I really don’t want to eat, what can I eat).

This is helping me meet my protein goals better (I did pretty good other than that 7th day).
It helps me stay on a more even keel all day long.
My eating is better all day long and I wake up hungry the next morning (I often don’t feel hungry, so I take feeling hungry is a sign I ate the right foods and the right quantities the day before). Being hungry in the morning means I am more likely to eat a real meal including high protein.

I am planning on adding some more things to my morning routine, including maybe a morning exercise session (that gets tricky as it lengthens my morning routine time), and I am hopeful this morning trend will continue.

Let us know about tiny habits you are trying, how they are going. Use the group for brainstorming (e.g. dump out what you are trying to do, what has not worked, what seems to be sticky points for you, and ask for suggestions). Just writing it up can give us an Ah Ha of insight, and someone’s suggestions might be the trick that works for you.
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    You are so right on target about doing this first in the day emoticon
    If I don't make my priorities first in the morning ... I usually will have wasted 30 minutes mindlessly scrolling on my phone.
    64 days ago
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