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Poor Edith !

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

"FALL"-----the first day--- and we are part of it--

I went to Foodland yesterday--AND I HEARD SOMEONE CALL MY NAME--
-like---no-one talks in the grocery store anymore--

I looked around, and the person behind me, masked--was looking at me--
It was Edith Goyton--
I hadn't seen her in years--
She said something about being tired of all this Covid stuff-
I heard myself say, "Well, you wear a mask and social distance , or your die!"--

Lord love a Duck!--How abrupt I was!~ --
Poor Edith could hardly wait to get away from me---I could see her and her cart disappearing up the aisle towards the check out--
That was the extent of that conversation with Edith!

"Did you see anyone you know?" Himself asked me when I returned home.
"Well, no-one talks", I replied, and I began to think how life in stores used to be---
-One could not get away from people, because people always wanted to visit , in aisle number whatever--

It's not that way anymore--
You do your shopping, and you get home--as fast as you can--

Will we all end up , when this Pandemic is over, as "antisocial human beings"?
Imagine me --"ME"--- being so abrupt to poor Edith---telling her to do as she must do--or die!
Heaven help me! --(Mom's favourite expression)

Maybe we will have to take lessons on "Social Graces" --post Pandemic--
Who knows eh?

Hopefully--in time-----we can return to normal--yu think?

I must remember this!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hopefully this pandemic will disappear as fast as it appeared!!! emoticon I wish!!!! emoticon
    35 days ago
  • LGRIF22
    Basically, we hardly recognize each other at the store. If we do talk, the mask makes it hard to hear or understand. If you feel bad, call your friend and have a phone conversation. I'm sure she'll understand.
    36 days ago
    36 days ago
    I read your story and everyone's remarks.. I do believe this old friend had a mask on... so I do think one would talk from a distance... but I can also understand that came out of your mouth.

    I have noticed that most people I say hi to in the store do not acknowledge you, unless you turn your cart around, are too close, or waiting to look at something.

    I do think its pitiful. I mean we are all in the same predicament, and with a little cutesy , we can adapt and be polite, or confused, rude, or considerate. It does take some thought. It is hard to adjust to all these things.

    My husband had an operation recently. I thanked them profusely, because although we had to do all these things like war masks, take ones temperature , and only one per person is waiting room... their politeness and bedside manners made the entire experience better. We have dealt with Dr.'s that get bent out of shape if you have more than 1 or 2 questions. Also ones that either talk down to you or act rude. I told them it meant alot to us. emoticon
    36 days ago
    So true no one talks, it's In and Out as fast as we can!

    36 days ago
    I rarely see anyone I know anymore at the store. I try not to go more often than every 2 weeks. I see several people, even children with no mask when I do go. I had to make a stop today to get more window washer fluid with bug remover in it because the love bugs are just outrageous this time of year. They eventually eat the paint right off your car and they make it difficult to see out the windshield of the car. Grrrrr. I understand some people being a rebel and not wearing a mask, but when there is more than a couple people, I do wear mine and keep it above my chin. I will be so glad when all this stuff is over.



    36 days ago
    That sounds like something I would say. Forgive yourself.
    36 days ago
  • THINCPL2004
    Poor Edith! But this pandemic will pass!
    36 days ago
    Jeannie, you get what you believe! If you believe you'll get it without a mask and distancing, you will!
    emoticon emoticon
    36 days ago
    Apparently, those people from Tibet know what they are talking about!
    36 days ago
    The picture of the lake is so pretty! The number of Covid cases are dropping in this area, hopefully it will end soon!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    36 days ago
    i am not sure if things will ever be as they were, but your basic kindness will never disappear. Blessings.
    36 days ago
    Poor Edith! She got offended because you were telling the truth. Well that is on her. It was good though that you didn't talk long. You do have things to do you know.
    36 days ago
    I work in a grocery store!
    Can you imagine that?!
    I miss seeing people's smiles.
    I can tell when someone is smiling, by their eyes, but I still miss seeing the faces.
    I miss a lot of things, actually and I am also so tired of all this covid stuff.....
    but, we must wear the mask and social distance.
    Surely this too shall pass.
    emoticon emoticon
    36 days ago
    I'm sure Edith knew what you said was the truth. Some people do not like to hear the truth about anything no matter what it is. I see people that I know in the supermarket if they wish to speak to me that's okay and if they don't well that's okay too. With everything that's going on in this world why be offered when someone is telling you something for your own good.
    36 days ago
    Grocery stores are a lot of work now. I need my list, get my e-discounts on my card, look at the weekly prices. for sale items and then follow the arrows to get what I want. Some aisles are cluttered with display things. Then there are the people that don’t look at the arrows and the aisle is blocked.

    Anyone would be short with someone that stopped them to talk. No time. Worn out at the grocery store!!
    36 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/23/2020 2:38:29 PM
    36 days ago
    Beautiful fall picture - wish we had fall colors here. Just dingy greens.
    36 days ago
    If she wasn’t wearing a mask, it was in order to call her out, but sll you did was state the unvarnished truth. Too bad it did not go better, but she needn’t have bolted... so who is the rude one ? These are trying times...go easy on yourself.
    37 days ago
    Thanks stay safe
    37 days ago
  • no profile photo RACHNACH
    37 days ago
    You just cracked me up!!! You just spoke the truth of matters! Sadly, so many are in denial ... As always, thanks for making me laugh!
    37 days ago
    It is so difficult to be 'social' at this time - but I am so thankful that I have my husband around so that we can have great conversations - I have many friends who are single / widows and so lonely - one was telling me yesterday that prior to covid she did not find being single and living alone difficult as she would once a week go out for a meal and have people around her, would visit different friends and so on. Now she says she goes shopping once a week - orders it online then picks it up - and doest go out to restaurants anymore due to the covid and no visiting in friends houses so is alone all the time and really feeling it. Makes me so sad to know that this is happening to so many people - we need to remember to phone all the people we know that are single to let them no we care and think of them.

    Take care have a good day/evening
    37 days ago
    I hope it grocery shopping goes back to pre-covid times...
    37 days ago
    I hate the "oopps" moment when you wish your brain worked before mouth. But whatcha gonna do ehh? All you can do is forgive yourself and maybe find a sweet way to apologize to the person. Have a great day!
    37 days ago
    LOL, I don't recognize anyone at the grocery store because of the mask!
    37 days ago
    It's hard on all of us.
    37 days ago
    We all have those times of, "Oh dear. I wish I hadn't said that." We need to learn from it, forgive ourselves and move on. That is not so easy though is it? As you say "poor Edith" but Edith probably let it go before she even got home.

    I am so grateful that I don't have to shop anymore. Actually, I haven't shopped in a store for a couple of years. We order online and one of our daughters picks up the order. The shopper takes things from the warehouse rather than the store shelf so pull date is always excellent. The quality of some of the fresh produce has fallen a bit but that is more of a supply and demand issue than a weakness of the process. As we order, the store computer can tell us if the item is in stock so we can choose an alternative if the item is not available. I miss getting out of the house but I don't miss the shopping. I do miss rambling through a craft or fabric store.

    On to a more cheerful day. Let's make it a good one.

    37 days ago
  • no profile photo BRENDAJACKSON2
    You were only speaking reality these days. Don’t worry about it. emoticon
    37 days ago
    37 days ago
    Nevermind nobody chats any more...they won’t even make eye contact!!!
    The lack of social interaction is exactly what the children learning from home (including my own grands) are missing so much.
    Imagine the poor folks who live alone!
    I am so sad.
    37 days ago
    37 days ago
    Lord I am praying that we can VERY SOON Get back to some sense of normalcy. This masking is driving me crazy. I hate them but I wear them when absolutely necessary. Have an eye exam today and they called to confirm it and told me I will have to wear a mask while in there. Its hard to communicate with that darn thing on. Everything is so muffled and you can't make out what people are really saying. Can't see your pictures today again
    Have a good day and remember to be kind one to another.
    37 days ago
  • JERICHO1991
    Beautiful fall photo. Thanks for sharing.
    37 days ago
    And everyone is different - the world would be so boring if everyone had the same personality.
    37 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    37 days ago
  • ANYVAR54
    I hope you have a great day! Keep safe.
    37 days ago
    Only one local store I go to as needed. Use to yak alot but just keep it to being "socially polite". Its hard enough to breath in those masks let alone carry on a conversation. LOL
    37 days ago
    I think with what's gone on over the summer months in some of the cities social graces have long been forgotten.

    I go to the grocery probably 4 out of 7 days (I like to get what I'm having for dinner that night) - I still talk to people - sometimes they engage back - sometimes they just say one or 2 words - sometimes they just look at me like I have barnacles growing out of my head lol Doesn't stop me tho from trying to have a bit of normal in my life.
    37 days ago
    You should not feel bad about Edith! Your advice is golden & if folk don’t understand that, I pity them. We have so many nut cases down here in the lower 48 not wearing mask that it is truly frustrating. Hundreds of folk at gatherings without mask!! Your advice needs y yu To be shouted from the mountain top......”wear mask or die”!!!! Thank you!
    37 days ago
    emoticon I just hurry in and out of the store right now. Pray things will get better.
    37 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/23/2020 8:48:51 AM
    Around here people want to stop and talk - they're tired of being alone and cooped up.
    37 days ago
    37 days ago
  • JILLIAN0216
    The way we are living is hard on us humans. We crave and need contact. If we go back to "normal" it will be years.
    37 days ago
  • no profile photo MLR_00
    Stay safe, stay healthy
    37 days ago
    In all honesty, I think we've come too far to go back to exactly where we were before. I think people will be much more cautious going forward. Unfortunately, we have sown the seeds of distrust which will not be undone easily. It's too bad that we've come to this.
    37 days ago
    My sister and her husband are packing up and leaving the US for England.
    37 days ago
    I agree 100% with JANSAUR
    37 days ago
    We all change over time...I think the pandemic is simply pushing certain changes faster than others. Our entire society will be different due to the way we are living now. You are a caring person, and I believe you will come through this just fine.
    37 days ago
  • MARTHA324
    When being abrupt helps someone stay alive, then go for it. Doubt things will ever go back to the way it was.

    Happy First Day of Fall!
    emoticon emoticon
    37 days ago
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