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Monday, September 21, 2020

So....right now, I am waiting on others to get back to me with work that is due today. I am faced with a few options on how to handle this:
1) freak out and stress out
2) accept the situation for what it is, and have faith in those people that they will complete their tasks as they said they were going to
3) take a break from the scene for a few minutes and ground myself

I chose options 2 and 3.

Freaking out is an undercurrent which I refuse to be towed under by. Nope...not going to happen.

I am confident in my organizational skills, my brain processing, and past knowledge that I can get anything done within a short amount of time. Downloads and uploads take minutes. Reviewing the documents and making them whole takes a bit longer, so I'm going to have to once again accept that my prep and faith in others will lead my to my end goal in a shorter amount of time than I think.

The focus in that case would be completing the task, rather than perfection.

In the meantime...I wait. I meditate. I check in on here for a few minutes.

2 years ago, I headed my first company audit as green as a string bean! OMG I was terrified! This time around, I'm still learning, and a little less green...more a yellowish green than anything LOL

2 years ago, I would have ended the day with a glass of wine. It actually crossed my mind to do that today, but I decided that it's just not worth my calories or mental anguish on breaking a seriously wicked good, 91-day streak of having nothing. I'm truly over having the casual glass of wine by myself as a reward after a long day. It gets filed into "what's the point?" I'd rather do my 5 minute bicycle crunches followed by my 5 minute yoga routine.

SOooooo (I just checked my work email to see if I got word of anything being completed...nada) I am. And it's OK. This day will end in a flurry and with a sigh. This isn't the first, and it won't be the last.

I do not like watching the clock tick by at a fevered pace.
I do not like waiting on others.
I do like that I have a different mindset.
I do like that I am aware.

This too, shall pass.

PS ....and just as luck would have it, 20 minutes after I finished the blog, I got a phone call to start up work again! And we went down to the wire with a half hour to spare! Is it perfect? No. Did I tweak it a little more and make it better? Oh yes! Phase 1 complete! Teamwork making the dream work. Instead of stress...I reframed as excitement, a thrill even! Definitely a challenge that ended with a sense of accomplishment!

To celebrate, I did my bicycle crunches and yoga I am relaxing watching some’s veg out time!

Thanks for the support as always my Sparkfriends! We ROCK!
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