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Monday, September 21, 2020

Noticed I was more hungry than normal today and made some poor nutritional choices, craving junk food & extended my intake well past planned budget. I picked up a chewing gum habit back in March. Chewed a lot of mentos pure fresh most days this spring and summer thinking it is OK because its sweetened with Xylitol, good for the teeth and one sweetener I thought did not affect my hunger issues. Eating 4-5 pieces 1 to 3 times per day the logic was chewing gum 2-6 hours per day would cut my intake window down and eat less. On average 4-5 days per week the previous 7 months.

Driving to my hay delivery this morning 4-5 pieces. Driving home another 4-5 pieces. Noticed I was extremely hungry compared to previous days. Ate some fruit, did not help, thinking it had to be the 300 hard bale throw burning a lot of energy. Ended up eating 1500 before going to farm around 3 pm. Chewed more gum. Back in at 7 more hungry than usual could not resist the bag of Doritos I have been easily able to resist the previous day. up over 4000 intake for the day. I have had a lot of days like this the past several months do good one day and unusual sometimes uncontrollably cravings some days. Asking myself why as I hit 360 this summer.

My silver lining is for whatever reason I had not been chewing gum much of R2 and while I thought I was safe from xylitol causing hunger issues I suspected it more than I ever have this evening. I read the label again and it literally flabbergasted me like what the f**k, unbelievable, really?? Xylitol was the first ingredient but then proceeded to notice it also contains both ASPARTAME and SUCROSE. Two artificial sweeteners even in tiny amounts I know affect me very negative regarding uncontrollable eating binges, worse than refined sugar. I was positive I had looked over the ingredients very closely at least 2-3 times like a microscopic when I first started buying this. Could the manufacture possibly changed? not likely. Or was it a incredibly huge overlook on my part? Most likely. Not having either in my system the previous six years, it is the catalyst to the most important and only non negotiable of my transformation.

Thankfully this is all great news! Not to dwell on the past but I flat out struggled at times with fast food and chips the previous seven months. Noticed these troublesome eating binges that were popping up. April and May that are historically my best weight loss months were weight gain months. Seriously, having no answer for working harder than I ever have, burning more calories and gaining 20 pounds in the process, half the gain in fat, half in muscle was rather disappointing when I was hoping to loose 20 pounds. A 40 pound swing in weight. Unless you have read my blogs you have no idea, in my mind, how much Aspartame and Sucrose negatively affects me, its like horrible virus to me, too much will kill me. Like I said, this is the best possible news I can report. Flabbergasted, angry to relieved all within a few seconds. Think tomorrow is going to be a great day!
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