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Surprising Saturday

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Last night I got a phone call from my nephew and we talked for quite a while about family and strange coincidences. He lives in Texas and someone he works with mentioned that she came from where I live. She then spoke of going to a Church camp called Peterkin here. He told her that his grandparents used to be the hosts of that camp for quite a long time and that my father (his grandfather) just happened to run the bookstore there until he as 85 years old. We reminisced about some good times we all had at that campground/retreat.

Then thismorning, I got a phone call from my nephew's oldest daughter saying she happened to be in town about half an hour away and wondered if we could meet for breakfadt/lunch/brunch. When I got to the McDonald's, she pulled up and another car pulled in between us. I was shocked to see her younger sister pull in. They had all driven up from Durham North Carolina for their youngest sister's birthday 9/20 and anniversary 9/21. Unfortunately, Ed had to be at the Ruritan chicken sale at the same time. Fortunately, when we had visited for a while we went to the chicken sale to surprise ed since it was literally next door to the McDonald's. We got chicken to go and some special treats for the kids, including a handmade wooden tic-tac-toe game. My great niece recognized her high school English teacher as one of the members of the Ruritan. I also knew several of the other members including my principal's father and a few others.

The oldest niece is a preschool teacher and her husband is an artist. Their girls are 6 and 3. The middle niece is a licensed massage therapist and her daughter is 10 and her daughter's half sister is 2. Both girls share the same father but despite being divorced from her husband, she brought both girls with them because their father's parents live near here and they intend to take the girls to visit with their grandparents. Their youngest sister lives nearby and she and her husband work at Wal-Mart and they have a 5 year old daughter and twins (boy and girl) that are 3. The have a huge family and the crowd is a bit big for me to mingle with at this time. Parties often mean 40-50 people together.

Three of the girls were all cuddly and I love my hugs. But, I was very touched when the ten year old came over to hug me. In the past and she has been slow to warm up and I don't like to force myself on kids who are shy, cautious or scared. Today's she looked up at me, smiled and gave me a big hug. I almost cried because I wanted so badly to hug her and was being careful not to invade her comfort zone.

By the time I got home, it was afternoon and I had enjoyed a lovely surprise! Wish the third great niece could have been there but work schedule and that big birthday/anniversary party was getting started while the other two and I visited.

The entire visit was a surprise and brightened my life. There isn't much excitement in my world with the whole Covid situation and this was the best thing ever to delight me.

Have a magnificent day and a fantastic weekend!

He blessed and stay healthy, safe and joyful!
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