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Can I just delete the past three years of nonsense, here?

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Three years ago, I came back, recommitted to my health and fitness goals, and fit into a lovely "mother of the bride" dress. And then went right back to old habits without really reaching my ultimate goal, and unfortunately without maintaining the weight loss I'd worked so diligently to achieve.

DO NOT CONGRATULATE ME FOR COMING BACK. Don't say "you've got this." Yell at me - fine. But celebrate my climbing back on the wagon, here? LOL Just please don't. I do know what I need to do, and now I just need to do it.

What have I learned in the interim? Oh, yes. I AM an "emotional eater." I am apparently SO good at this I've been in denial for years that I have any emotions I'm "stuffing down" with food. (Mostly, though, it's boredom, "f*** it," and "YAY! Let's celebrate with cake!" spiced up with occasional stress, mild depression (see "f*** it" above) and hormones - or lack thereof - I think.) Whatever. Being overweight is also boring. Being winded and lightheaded upon walking 20K steps in 100 degree heat is stressful. Realizing I'm not getting any younger is - well, depressing, if I just let it AGE me. So, I'm here to not let that happen.

You can congratulate me and say "KNEW you could do it!" after I've done it.
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    I too can eat for emotional reasons. We are heare to help each other, awesomeness. I know the feeling, these 100F and more and then bicycling, I didn’t accompany my hubby and now I try again it’s fall temperatures. We learn new strategies, and we will last. Best wishes for your goals! BTW,
    71 days ago
  • VISION2021
    I have a similar story: I lost 75 lbs on SP ten years ago and then life threw me some curveballs and here I am again! And yes, it's hard to be out of shape in the Texas heat...let's plan on being able to enjoy ourselves outdoors (for a few minutes, then back to the a/c) in 2021!

    80 days ago
    I will be cheering for you. emoticon
    81 days ago
    If I had to delete all the times I've reverted back to my old ways, I'd have deleted myself into oblivion. Lucky for me, I'm the Queen of Reset. Beats the other options. Best wishes.

    81 days ago
    LOSEDAPOUNDS, yes! Yes you can say that. :D LOL Thank you. I appreciate your support.

    ACIMPEGGY - wait, what? You were made Motivator of the Day while being away for SEVEN YEARS? I don't know why, but that was the best laugh I've had all day. Thank you! I'm not sure about LOA, but when I first saw The Secret I cracked up. "Secret? Secret my ass. My mom basically told me that YEARS ago. It's not so much 'secret' as 'who listens?'" (She sort of codified her guidelines to winning sweepstakes and contests - and I'm talking, 16' ski boat, two cars, trips, cash, a guest part on HBO's "Dream On" - I mean, not just the little stuff like canvas totes and a six pack of Coca-Cola, here! And it was all basically the same as in The Secret.) So yeah - in principle, I do believe you attract what you spend your attention on, and believe you have coming your way. I think one of the key things she always stressed, and I don't recall whether it's part of LOA or just a "trend" these days is gratitude. No matter the size and value of the win - it wasn't something you "earned" exactly, so gratitude and generosity were important. Thanks for the warm welcome back!

    SUNSET09, thank you for visiting and commenting! I have been a member here for - well, forever. And when I "do the needful" as my friends in India would say, it's easy. It works. When I don't - well, it's like what ACIMPEGGY was alluding to: what we focus on is what gets done.

    81 days ago
    Well can I say...I am so glad you are here and I look forward to reading your blogs ? :) I look forward to congratulating you when you hit your goals!
    81 days ago
    Honey, I follow a marvelous thing called The Law of Attraction. It teaches that what we think of, speak of, worry about, pay attention to is what we draw to us. Just eat lots of fruits a veggies, don't cut out your favs. If you are eating good, nutritious food at meantime chances are you won't eat too much 'bad' stuff.

    One LOA trick is to lay in bed for a minute when you awake and thing about GOOD stuff like how cozy and comfy you are, the precious pet you love waiting for you, something fun to do today...etc. It sets your day to proceed in a good way.

    Please let me know if you try it.

    I was off SP for 7 years and got an email I was made Motivator of the Day...that's what got me back. If I had told SP to quite sending me emails...I'd still be gone.

    We can do it! emoticon
    81 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    It's all a learning opportunity emoticon and no one can tell us better than ourselves what we should and shouldn't do. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    81 days ago
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