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Breathe in...breathe out...

Thursday, September 03, 2020

That’s what I do now. I have stress, but I am not stressed...if that makes any sense. emoticon

So when my hubby projected his own stress onto me and states that I am “stressed out” to the kids...I took pause. I didn’t correct, but I noted and moved on. I breathed in, and breathed out.

You see, school is starting again here and the hubby is a teacher. The oldest son is in virtual college and it started this week. I think they both got a good hold on things, but today was not the case. Their individual stress levels hit each other at the same time, and they had “a moment”. Nothing that didn’t get resolved with a chat and a hug...this too shall pass and all that jazz. Increased understanding between the two is, just leave me and my nonstrssed state out of it! LoL

Everyone handles stress diffferently, as we all know. I’m pretty darned transparent on here!! LOL Some people have a tendency to talk out Every . Single . Minute . Of . Their . Day. emoticon It’s how they process it all. I call it the rehash. A reliving of the stressful moment....but the moment is actually a whole workday. emoticon It’s ok. Gotta let people vent. It’s part of life. Other people just react, without explaining the reason why...when it would have been so much easier to do the talking thing! (You see there? That polar opposite thing?) Ergo, sometimes we don’t see eye to eye.

Breathe in...breathe out...

Anywho...I can honestly say that I am not stressed at this moment in time. Quite zen actually. Things will get done in their allotted time. I have absolutely no control over others actions. It really is, what it is.

So on to gratitude and joy!
I found joy today in taking a walk with my coworker! It’s been a year since we started and a lot has happened...we came out different but still the same!

I found joy in wishing my friend good luck in his new job he started today.

I found joy in being delayed leaving work and talking with a coworker, only to uncover another piece to a puzzle I was working on.

I found joy in coming home and hugging my youngest who is turning 14 tomorrow! I am dwarfed in comparison!

I found joy today in opening my meditation app and playing some calming cello music while working.

I found joy today by being in the moment!

I hope everyone has a good evening!
Spark on!!
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