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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Specific: My goal is to maintain my weight in the range of 111-115. My MD’s goal weight for me is 115-120. It’s a bit early to get to that weight for me!

Measurable: I will track my Nutrition/Water intake & Exercise/Fitness on the Spark website.

Attainable: I will accomplish my Nutrition Goal by continuing to eat Vegan with the McDougall Program as much as possible. (There will be certain days I eat chicken or fish.)
I will accomplish my Fitness goal by participating in the challenge activities, working out with my trainer, watching Fitness Blender, Team Body Project, Spotebi, and YouTube videos.

Relevant: By maintaining my weight I will be healthier and have less joint and lower back pain.

Time Period: 12 week BLC44 Fall Challenge Round

Nutrition Goals:

--weigh/measure food and track on the SP website
--eat 5 freggies for 5 days each week minimum w/ at least 2 fruits daily (Not a big fruit fan)
--stay within my calorie range (1500 daily is the goal but until the weather turns cooler I am about 1250-1350 daily right now)
--drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water daily; try and eliminate sugar from coffee all the way!

EDIT-Recording also mood, feelings, and hunger levels to help identify patterns.

Fitness Goals:

--exercise a minimum of 120 minutes daily for 5 days (cardio, yoga, walking)
--strength train a minimum of 3-4 days each week (Upper, Lower, Core, Arms)
--Modify exercises as needed to avoid injury to knees, shoulder and lower back!
--Work my Arms enough to where I feel comfortable to wear sleeveless tops and a swimsuit next spring/summer! (Long term goal, if I start now I’ll make it)

Mental Goals:

--Journal 5 days a week to continue healthy communication habits, avoid depression episodes!
--Meditate and Listen to Music!
--Sleep 7 hours a night! (1030pm-530am on the days I work, not to exceed staying awake past 1am on my days off.)

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