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Happiness is a Warm Puppy!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Does anyone remember this first book published in 1962 by Charles Schultz, creator of the Peanuts comics? Well, I immediately thought of it this past week when I was deciding what to write for my blog for my Aspire and Inspire BSG challenge. We had a choice between two topics (or our own) - National Sons and Daughters Day and National Happiness Happens Month. Well, I wanted to write about our new puppy that we got last Saturday, so it kind of combines both topics. The puppy is like our new baby daughter and she definitely has given us a lot of happiness already!

It's almost been a year since we lost our second Cairn terrier, Sophie (August 27th,) so a couple months ago, my dh and I talked about being ready to get another one. Being home so much through this pandemic, we really felt how empty the house was without a furbaby. So we did some research and found a breeder in Daytona Beach (1 1/2 hours away) and put our name on a waiting list, along with a deposit. There are a lot of people these days wanting puppies, so she said we were ninth in line and not to expect to get one till the end of October. She breeds several females throughout the year and had two litters expected in June and one in September. That was fine with us - we weren't in any hurry and thought the fall would be good, since it would be cooler to take her outside. Well, things happen for a reason - last Thursday she called me and said that there was one female left from the second June litter, since the people who were to get her had a family emergency and were no longer able to have a puppy at this time. Did we want this one? She sent us a picture and said she'd appreciate our answer in a couple hours, so she could move on to others on the list, if we were not interested. Well, how could we say no to the sweet face in this picture?

I originally thought about getting one that looked totally different than both of our other two, but there's really no guarantee what they will look like when grown - sometimes their color changes a lot. She looks very similar to our Max (our first Cairn who passed away in January of 2019.) so I fell in love with her right away. We called the breeder back and said we'd come to get her on Saturday morning. Talk about a sudden life change! We were totally unprepared for our puppy - we had no supplies, I hadn't been reading puppy books yet, and we hadn't been thinking of names! But we flew into action right away and got things ready on time! On Friday we did a lot of ordering online, and we borrowed a crate from a neighbor, since we didn't expect to get the one we ordered before Saturday.
Here are a couple pictures I took of her on the car ride home. She wasn't scared of us at all, so I took that as a very good sign!

She looked so funny with her tongue hanging out at first (poor thing,) because she was hot from being in the heat when I first held her as we talked to the breeder. Then she cooled down and was fine.

When she got to our house, she made herself right at home and was soon licking us and playing. We were laughing so much at her antics that my cheeks hurt!

The first night was tough though as she missed her mama and cried in her little kennel. I ended up getting up in the middle of the night to check on her (and change the towel that was soaked,) but then she wanted to play! The next day Dave decided WE needed to be able to sleep through the night, so he took the kennel's door off and connected it to the crate we got from the neighbor, so that she could pee in one side and sleep in the other.

Well, we thought he was so clever to do that, but he didn't quite attach enough electrical ties to them, and the next morning, we found her in the living room, just looking at us! She must have found a space big enough to get out - the little stinker! That didn't happen the next night though, as Dave attached more ties to make sure she could not squeeze through!
By Tuesday we got more supplies delivered, which included an exercise play area to put around the kennel and pee pad. That has worked beautifully - she does not complain about being in there, since she has more space and can have toys to chew on.

We've had Lizzie a week now, and every day is a learning experience for all of us! She is a real sweetheart, but she has her naughty moments, too, as she is exploring past the lanai and into the living area and kitchen and finding new places to do her duty and things to chew! That's when we call her "Busy Lizzy!" We have to be on our toes all the time tracking her! But she is just doing what young puppies do - every day she is getting better, learning to go potty outside more often and walking with a leash (just in the yard, since the roads are way too hot.) Just like having a baby, we take naps when she is napping in the afternoon. Fortunately, puppies do nap a lot!

Here's a pic Dave took of me the other day when both of us conked out!

Yes, happiness IS a warm puppy in my mind! She was just what we needed during these crazy times! And all the neighbors and friends who have met her so far, just love her!
Here's a pic from today - one of her ears has now strengthened to stand up on its own and the other one is still floppy - my friend, Mary calls it an ear wink!
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