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Marvelous Monday .. good day yesterday .. woke up with mega dizzies today .. so homebody day

Monday, August 10, 2020

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Our virtual kitchen is Covid-19 free ...:)

Marvelous Monday !!!!

Will be a slooowwww day today ... woke up this morning, and my head is spinning .. and had an "eh" night sleep .. Drinking OJ this morning to hopefully settle the house from spinning .. "Toto .. I don't think we're in Wisconsin anymore" ..

Yesterday was a good day .. but a busy day .. I headed out about 11:10 to deliver CB and Dylan to the postoffice parking lot .. and had to giggle to myself .. The photos that I saw of Dave on his FB page .. he looked like a big strapping man, and betwen that and his posting demeanor, I was intimidated .. Well .. I felt comfortable making the changeover in a public parking lot, as it's right next to the Piggy grocery store, and that's busy .. I picked the post office, because we wouldn't have to "guess" which car was which .. As it was .. he pulled in RIGHT before me .. and gets out of his car ..

He was a very petite man, and we stood and chatted for a bit .. and he was the most pleasant man to meet .. What wrong impressions can be made on social media .. :)

For his "pay" he gave me 2 jars of "freezer jam" .. strawberry and peach ginger .. He said the peach ginger has a bit of a ginger kick .. and I told him that's okay .. I like the taste of ginger .. :) but he was a very sweet man ..

He said that his daughter was going to be on skype in the afternoon, and his 2 sons were at the house .. they were going to celebrate yesterday .. According to his posting on FB, his wife was thrilled with the drawings .. and everyone loved them .. I teased him that his wife's bday wasn't until Today .. but he said he couldn't wait .. and everyone was there .. lol lol ..

So I came home to drop off the jam and be on my way again .. hubby and K** weren't home, so I sent them a teasing text .. just as I was hitting send .. they pulled back in .. They were so excited they got the car started again .. and had to prove it to me .. It started without the exhaust smoke, or having to feed the fuel pump .. YAY !!! When I got home hubby was excited .. they actually pulled it out of the garage and pulled it back in.. so that was a high point for hubby in the afternoon ..

I left on my way, and headed to get gas, and off to Walmart .. I had some time to just browse and it felt good .. There were things I specifically went for .. but just doing some browsing felt good, and I picked up 2 pair of jean shorts as well ..

I headed to get mom's perscription, and then to her house .. I had made up the brats that were in the fridge yesterday morning, and took one, with a brat bun and a small can of saur kraut to her for a treat .. for dinner for her .. It was hubby's idea .. but she's not confident enough to stand at the stove and cook .. but she does use the microwave .. so if I made them up .. she can just put it in the microzapper .. with the kraut, and enjoy .. Only to find that she's been enjoying precooked brats but didn't have kraut .. so now she has a cooked up brat, and kraut that can last for at least 2 brats .. she's happy !!! lol ..

All things considered she was in a good mood yesterday .. Her MRI didn't turn out, and she talked to Dr K to find out her options .. and Dr K called the doctor that did her knee surgery way back .. and Bill took her to visit him which turned out as a her, because he was out recovering from knee surgery himself .. She said that surgery could fix the problem BUT ... they would not do it .. because of mom's age .. they do 2 surgeries on over 90 people a year .. That sounds really wierd to me, but Bill was there, so I KNOW there were questions thrown out .. Mom said that she (the associate) actually seemed to be getting frustrated with Bill's questions .. So -- they tried on knee braces, and mom has one ordered through a catalog .. she decided spending half the money to find out it didn't work was better than spending all the money to find out if it didn't work .. so we will see .. She said Bill is actually reading books on all this .. More power to him .. lol lol ...

It will be my turn to take her to see Dr K about the pressure sore this week .. She didn't say much, just that it's not healing .. so I told her any day but Wednesday ..

Mom liked the drawings of Aunt Elaine, but gave me some suggestions .. as I agreed with her .. The elderly one, looked yellow .. so last night I did something new again .. I added some extra rose to her face ..

And I resprayed it and happy with it .. I will pack it up and if I don't get them out today, I will take them on Wednesday for my travels ...

We had the entertainment last night ... the storms blew through and popped open the bird feeder roof flap .. Well .. someone was playing "Pop goes the weasle" .. and was comical to watch .. It worked out perfect .. I would sing the Pop goes the weasle song, and as soon as I would say "Pop ... " he would pop out .. just like the old jack in the boxes .. lol ..

He entertained us for awhile until he figured that when he popped out he had to go back in and get more food that he was so valiantly protecting .. lol ..

He was our comedy act and entertainment after the storm ...

Today is just going to be stay at home .. Sending hubby out on errands .. one of which is taking my 2 envelopes to the post office .. I'm hoping to play in my playroom .. I have some things I want to do that have been put on the side, because I was drawing .. and it's time to start cleaning those up .. and I have to envelope up Aunt Elaine, and mom wants me to send a check for her memorial ... so I will get that cleaned up .. and ready to go on Wednesday .. being out and about .. I will make up a little card as well ..

I also have a picture frame that broke a while back, that I have an idea of how to fix (the back support broke) and I have a mask that's too short and pulls horribly .. I want to fix that as well .. I like it because it's bright and tydyed .. So ... I have this stack of things that I've put on the side, because of my enthrallment with drawing .. and straightening up .. so now until I get my mojo back .. I will work on this stuff .. and it still keeps my fingers far away from the refridge and pantry ..

My challenge today is to get rid of the dizzies .. I can do this I can do this !!! even though I'm walking around drunk .. lol lol .. All it was was that I slept "too hard" last night .. it wasn't a good night sleep .. just too hard, and it happens occasionally .. so it's not something I'm terribly worried about .. just frustrated ..

Wishing everyone a wonderful day .. be safe, be strong, be smart, be happy and be healthy !!!!

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  • WILDKAT781
    46 days ago
    HOPE you’re feeling better!

    Glad that the drop off of the pictures went well. Amazing the judgments we can make only to find out we were wrong! LOL Glad things worked out.

    Wow! They got the car started! That’s great.

    Awwww, glad you brought your Mom a treat she’ll enjoy! Brats and kraut go together like milk ‘n’ cookies! LOL

    Hmmm, sorry that the MrI didn’t work out and that surgery doesn’t seem to be an option. I do hope that the brace works for her. At least some relief.

    I hope that your Mom can get some reliefwith the sore.\, too.

    That’s cute that you had a pop goes the weasel in the bird feeder to entertain!

    46 days ago
    47 days ago
    47 days ago
    emoticon I actually walk the treadmill as I look at the ipad emoticon
    47 days ago
    47 days ago
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