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Double breaker

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Had an interesting weekend, pickleball wise. Last year, I bought a new paddle to replace the purple one I'd been using for about a year and a half, which was starting to develop dead spots. That gray paddle lasted about 4 months of solid use, before the handle snapped on me right when I was taking a big old swing in the middle of a tournament. I had my old purple one with me, so I finished playing that day with that paddle.

The person who sold me the paddle was kind enough to replace it for me, with another one of the same kind, with the warning that the manufacturer no longer made this particular model. Fast forward 9 months...although, to be honest, really only about 4 months of use, because I missed half of december when I was down in Louisiana, I was out a month with the torn groin, and then we basically lost March, April and May while hiding out from the coronavirus, and I'm playing Friday morning, and I go to take a big old swing and.....CRACK! The handle split on me. This was in a slightly different spot, but these paddles aren't salvageable when the handles break like that.

So again, I pulled out the blue backup, and finish playing with that. And I'm using it again on Saturday when I go to take a big old swing and...you see where this is going, right? Yep, breaker breaker good buddy, we got another log splitting in half right in my hand. Twice in two days, and all of a sudden, I'm in the market for a new paddle, and looking at a new expense I wasn't expecting on having for another year or so. Oh well.

So today, I tried out a variety of the paddles my dealer friend has available as demos. I kept a couple of them, to try out over the next week, if the weather cooperates, and I'll return them at the next iteration of their tournament, to be held this weekend. I'm not sure whether to go with the same brand, which I'm a little leery of after breaking three of their paddles within the space of a year (maybe that's why don't they make that particular model any more), or to switch to a different brand. There's a familiarity in the way the one paddle hits, since the technology is the same, even if used in a different paddle. That might be the deciding factor for me, as I'm rather bothered by the lack of power in the second brand's paddle.

ON THE PLUS SIDE....My nephew is coming to visit me in about an hour. It'll be the first time I see him in about 6 months, as we didn't have a chance to get together in February, before the Covid curtain fell upon the country. I did see my brother subsequent to that, as he visited my mom in the hospital following her heart attack. But my nephew and sis in law, it's been way too long.
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