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It's Been Awhile!

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Good Afternoon!

It's been a couple minutes since I have posted a blog. To catch you up from my last one was I continued with Keto until Christmas and then gave myself a month break. I then continued back onto my Keto Journey and started taking Metformin for my PCOS.

Last time I posted any measurements were back in October I believe. I have gained since then but for reasons.

Here are my Measurements from July 26th (I measure every 2 weeks so this Saturday will be new measurements)


Weight- 174.0
Body Fat %-45.5
Neck- 13.5
Bicep- 11.5
Bust- 42.25
Waist- 37.0
Stomach- 42.25
Hips/Butt- 41.5
Thigh- 24.75
Calf- 13.5

More to my story about why I gained weight
****(Trigger Warning about Pregnancy Loss)******

March 25th I felt a little off and was having some crazy dreams of being pregnant. Took a test and BAM, found out I was in fact pregnant. This was a surprise as we were NOT expecting to get pregnant with just 1 month of me being on Metformin. After 14 weeks of pregnancy, we found out I had Gestational Diabetes. We started Insulin at 17 weeks after a Low Carb Meal Plan wasn't working.

We went in for our Anatomy Scan at 20 1/2 weeks and found out our baby didn't have a heart beat. My heart shattered. We gave birth to a little boy 2 days later. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks that we forever lost him.

I won't lie, it has been the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. We don't know for sure what happened but it wasn't anything Genetic or anything I had done nor my Gestational Diabetes. Something must have just not been "right" while he was growing. Unfortenately for us. I have had 2 miscarriage before but both were before the 2nd trimester and 1 was a Blighted Ovum.

I didn't realize I wanted another baby as we were perfectly happy with the 2 kiddos we had (a now 13 and 7 year old). Logan (our baby we lost) was a complete surprise but a very welcome surprise. When we lost him, I knew for sure I still wanted another baby. I am not sure if that will happen easily for us or not. It took a long time for both of our kiddos that we do have because of my PCOS. Plus I am 37 so my eggs are a little bit older than they used to be.

Right now I am focusing on myself though and I am working hard at maintaining my Low Carb Eating (less than 100g of total carbs). I have to loss the weight I had gained from being pregnant and still have more to lose to reach my goal. I also have started working out as I got the all clear from my OB-Gyn to start exercising and "other activities".

Saturday or Sunday I will post my new measurements. I have been doing Focus T25 Alpha this week so I really hope to have some losses.

Thank you for reading.


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