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July Update and August Goals

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

I took off Spark for the month of July, so I cannot review how I did with my goals as I did not make them! I have taken off July before, but mostly because we would be traveling. This was not the case this year, of course! My dh and I canceled our plans to go to Pennsylvania and Maine for mid-July due to the pandemic. While that bummed me out in some ways, especially since it is such a long, hot summer in Florida and I would have liked to go north and do some hiking and visiting friends and family, I did realize it was best to stay put - I had no interest in traveling so many miles with worries about where to stay on the way up, and perhaps being susceptible to getting the virus. It really wouldn't be a carefree happy vacation if we did go...after all, what states want to see Florida residents traveling to their state with the number of cases rising (even though the area where I live is not doing badly!)

Because of the lack of travel, getting depressed about the state of our country, and having to be inside our little one story house so much, I just lost my motivation to do SparkPeople and my Aspire and Inspire team with the Buddy Support Group challenge. I just needed a break, and it was just what I needed to get back to being inspired! I did not lose any weight during my break, but the good news is I did not gain either. I did not eat my feelings! But I did not follow strict keto (I gave myself a break from that) and didn't exercise as much as I usually do when I am on the challenge. That was mostly because I stopped walking due to the extreme heat, and also because I have not yet gone back to the gym (they reopened in June but we had a choice of postponing our return till the end of August without cost, which I what I wanted to do.) Instead, I did a little exercise in the house, golfed some, and also went to the pool some mornings to do exercises with my water weights.

Unfortunately, mid-month I got a call back about a biopsy I had done on my cheek when I went for a skin check at the dermatologist. I found out I had a melanoma (first time having skin cancer and definitely not the type I wanted to have!) But I was very thankful that it was caught early - stage 0 in situ, which means it was just on the top layer of skin. I got it cut out and stitched up a couple weeks ago. I was surprised and a bit upset that the incision was so long after the surgeon took the margins. I was concerned about scarring on my face. But it all worked out for the best - yay! I got the call the next week that the margins were clear and then last week I got the stitches removed and it didn't look as bad as I expected. I have started putting silicon gel and coconut oil on it to moisturize, build new skin cells and help fade the scar.

Anyway, back to the exercise. When I had that surgery, I basically had to stay out of the sun, thus I stopped golfing and pool time until I found out that they got all the cancer. I have special sunscreen to wear on my face now, and I can get back to my water exercise and golf again. So happy about that!

Now it's August and I am ready to move on and get motivated again! I am back sparking and joined the BSG challenge again. I decided to get back in the swing of things by mostly focusing on exercise this month. I definitely need to move more!

My August goals are:

1. Go to the pool to do water weight exercises as many mornings as possible. I go with one or two friends as soon as the neighborhood pool opens at 7:15 and we mostly have the pool to ourselves, so we can spread out and enjoy. Love it!

2. I really need to get walking more - my steps on my tracker are pitiful! I will walk around the house at various times of the day in 10 or more minute increments. It's called "get my butt off the sofa!"

3. Do strength training exercises in my "girl cave" AKA the front guest bedroom/slash art room. I have a step, mat and weights set up there, plus a book I used to use years ago that has ST exercises for every day. I don't expect to do it every single day, but definitely the days I don't go to the pool.

As usual, I will also be focusing on my regular keto eating program, eating sensible snacks (the theme for the BSG this month,) staying hydrated and getting enough sleep each night. However, I am just going to stick to the three exercise goals for this month to ease back into it and get my body stronger and more fit! After all...
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