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Tuesday - busy week and moving forward toward the cliff

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Thursday is the only day this week that I don't have appointments outside the house.

Monday and Friday are physical therapy appointments. Today was dental appointment to have my teeth cleaned. Tomorrow is an appointment for Covid testing. I guess I do have an appointment but it isn't out of the hoise. I have an appointment with a book that I was given just before my surgery and that I can now focus on since the "drug haze" is beginning to lift. I have had quite a lot of pain but that is beginning to subside a bit so by Thursday, I expect to be able to do without the opioid pain relief and to be enough better, that I can enjoy the book.

I had interesting news today. I don't know how true it is. I don't know what it will mean for my situation for fall. But I DO KNOW that it could make things better, worse or even out of my control when school reopens for fall. I was told that the residential facility where all of my students live may not send their students back to school. I am not sure what it will mean if this is true. I see all sorts of plausible scenarios and not sure how any of them will affect me.

There is also another twist coming from the governor's office in the form of some type of special announcement expected on Wednesday related to the next school year. It is a rare thing for there to be an announcement that there will be an announcement coming. Even more rare that they announced that it will relate to the reopening of the schools. There is a lot of speculation and controversy surrounding this announcement of the announcement.

This year has been nothing if not full of "interesting" twists and turns!

I am not ready to panic but am curious about what my next month or two will look like.

Be blessed and a blessing for others. Please keep me in prayer for the resolution of the the current situation.
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