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08/03/20 Hip Update

Monday, August 03, 2020

Many have asked how I'm really doing, so after my first official PT appointment this afternoon, I'm doing very good.

Surgery was last Wednesday but I had been a good girl and was doing the pre-op exercises to build up what I could. Surgery was at 7:30 am and when they brought me from recovery, they had me sit in the chair rather than climbing into bed. After lunch, PT had me up and a trip around the hallway. The nurses had me doing longer loops a couple more times that afternoon. Granted, I still had the last of the drugs on board, so I was feeling pretty good.

The next day, OT had me around 5:30 am to get dressed with them so they could make sure I could dress myself safely. After breakfast and another trip around the hallway (moving a little slower as the surgery drugs were clear of my system), my daughter arrived and we had a group PT going through all of the exercises. I was cleared for discharge after lunch and home by 2:00 pm. My daughter stayed with me that night and went home on Friday while I took a nap, coming back at dinner time with the boys. We needed her husband to move my bed to make the in and out easier.

By Saturday, I'd established the routine of exercising in the morning and afternoon, getting stronger and more fluid. By today, I've decreased the opoiod usage and increased my range. I still need my daughter's help with the compression socks but everything else is closer to independence. Pain is there but it's more like sore muscles; nothing acute. I do have to be mindful how I walk but I'm off the walker for most activities, using the cane. I do keep the walker by the bed since I tend to wake up groggy and less mindful of how I'm moving.

In others, I'm crushing this! I do get tired and need naps so I haven't resumed all of my pre-op computer tasks. The preparations have paid off and I continue to be a good girl, getting my daughter's help when I need it even though I'd love to cut her free. She's been a real trouper during all this. The whole family has been.

There's a lot of work ahead in the next few weeks but I'm ready. And with all of the cheerleaders I have in SP, I can't lose. You guys rock!

Thanks to all of you who have dropped me goodies and good wishes. I do feel blessed with such wonderful friends.

Hugs to all,

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