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Test Results, Hello August!

Saturday, August 01, 2020

emoticon Stress test results came in! Turns out I am just really sensitive to the meds they use for the nuclear stress test, and my test was fine!! Yay! But the test that I'm really interested in is on Monday, the one for my blood pressure. I stopped caffeine intake at 1230 today, so my blood pressure is on it's own. I will be keeping an eye on it tomorrow and Monday, but as long as I am feeling okay, I'm going to leave it be so that my test can show how low my blood pressure gets. I'm tired of using caffeine to keep it up. Especially since I don't like coffee any more. I do like my green tea in the mornings, iced black tea with lemon is good, and Crystal light has a few drinks that have caffeine in them that are tasty. But really, I'd rather cut back on the caffeine.

As a bariatric patient, I'm not supposed to be having as much caffeine as I am. It can cause ulcers. I really don't want that. So cutting back on the caffeine no matter what and I'll be monitoring my B/P myself and making sure that I don't get it too low. Means I could have hypotension. Funny, I used to have hypertension. High blood pressure. Used to take meds for it and everything. Having gastric bypass and losing the weight and starting eating right and stopping all sodas put an end to that.

emoticon I was so motivated and pumped up, I worked out yesterday evening, even though I said I was going to wait until today, LOL. I worked out this morning too. I made sure to stretch really good both times. I'm going to work out tomorrow, Sunday, my usual rest day, because I have to fast Monday before the test and don't want to work out and make myself super hungry.

emoticon I still slept in and am having a mostly lazy day of it. I've got my to do list, which is prioritized. Next up is to go clean up the bird poop on the front porch. Yes, I'm procrastinating, I really don't want to do it, but I really want it cleaned up at the same time. Sigh. Adulting is hard. LOL.

emoticon I sent my BFF a lovely faux leather journal with a set of 24 papermate Flair 'candy pop' pens. I love journaling and she has been talking about getting back into it and using notebooks and I thought it would be nice to get her started with a lovely journal with an inspirational quote on the front and some fun pens!! I love these pens, y'all!! I had to buy more, because I used up my favorite ones already. Well, I guess it has been almost half a year since I bought them. I like to write each day in a different color. And my "Daily Do It" notepad from Living Well Spending Less (Thank you LITTLEGUYSMOM1 for reminding me about them! I haven't been using them, and it is time to get started again!) I use different colors that match the different sections. They also have a weekly notepad I use to get my thoughts for the week organized. And I use different colors in my paper planner. So much fun with these pens! I hope she enjoys them as much as I do!

emoticon Tomorrow is weigh in/measure/picture day!! I know where I'm at weight-wise, I re-weighed yesterday, just to see, but it was at the end of the day, so morning could bring a surprise, who knows! I'm thinking it will be the same. Which is more than fine, it lets me know I'm on a plateau, I've been at this weight for a while, but I've not been doing the right things to lose the weight, so doing that will bust it, I'm sure!! I'll probably make a short post tomorrow just to post the results.

Okay, now to go get busy!!!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!



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