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Exciting Friday 7/31/2020

Saturday, August 01, 2020

I have brand new neighbors across the street from me. The wife asked me if I would keep an eye on the front of their home as they were going camping for the weekend. Said she was expecting a delivery from Amazon and would I grab it with her mail...they would be home Sunday (tomorrow). No problem. So I'm sitting at my kitchen table and I see an old beat up car pull up in front of my house. Car windows were black. I could see the driver pretty well. He was talking to someone in the back seat. Pretty soon he backs up just between my house and next door neighbors house. I see someone get out of the back seat with a black sweatshirt and hood. Tall skinny guy. He walks right into my next door neighbors gate to backyard. I'm thinking this doesn't feel right..... I call my next door neighbor "Tom" no answer, I can see into his living room from my living room. I can see the head of the black hooded sweatshirt darting around inside the house. Long story short... I called 911, and three police cars arrived in like 5 minutes!!!! they blocked the guy( get away driver) waiting in the car and immediately handcuffed him. The guy in the house vanished into thin air. The police checked my backyard, asked me a ton of questions, all the while I am shaking and teeth chattering!!!!!!! I said the guy HAS to be in there still. They searched the house twice even with a police dog. Nothing. Must have jumped the back fence. So the neighborhood is pretty shaken up. Now there are 5 police cars all blocking the street. Seems like forever, but about a half hour goes by and her comes the police man again to my door. He said we want you to ride in the backseat of the police car (windows blackened) and identify the two suspects they caught. HOLY CRAP my first ride in the back of a police car!!! He said your will not be seen. They caught the inside guy and I was able to confirm 1) the driver and 2) Tall skinny inside guy. Both handcuffed and stood up one at a time for me to confirm. My Heart still racing!!!! After I get home I just can't settle. My other neighbors were so happy I caught them "in the act" The get away driver didn't have a chance to flee. My neighbor "TOM" was at his daughters house for the weekend, called me to thank me, I said you HAVE TO TELL ME when you are going away for a few days!!!! He promised he would from now on.

IF it had not been for my new neighbors across the street asking me to watch their house, I would NOT have been sitting in the kitchen at the window. What are the ODDS, being at the right place at the right time???????

I broke down and had a bag of popcorn after my dinner. Haven't had popcorn in two years!!! I guess it could have been worse.... That was my cheat for the day.....felt like I deserved it. Not too guilty. tasted good, but didn't wont do it again. Tossed the rest of the package.

Holly- CA.

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