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Saturday, August 01, 2020

The scale has been shifting back and forth between 190-195. Meanwhile I have been prone to periodic feelings of seething uncertainty, doubt and frustration as I watch my goal of leaving the 190s seemingly taunt me. And then *this* up and happened—yuuuupppp, more NSVs.

1. The edges of a regular sized bath towel not only meet to fully cover me but now overlap.

2. My flexibility has increased to the point where I can do pigeon pose with my elbows on the ground resting my head all the way down.

3. My biceps pop even when I’m not flexing. Today I was just reading a book and there they were!

4. I am down from a 42DD bra to a 38DD.

5. I am solidly a size 16 jeans/shorts (and I don’t mean plus size either). I have officially sized out of my last pair of plus size 14 shorts and can no longer wear them without a belt.

6. Literally every ring I own is too big.

7. I am able to hold my yoga (including some balance) poses longer which means I’m getting not only more flexible but also stronger.

8. I can do more modified push ups on my knees including tricep pushups.

9. Two words: hip. bones.

10. Last time I lost close to this much weight was 2013. Iwas actually 10 lbs heavier than I am now. Anyway I had bought some cute (sexy) cotton and lace Hello Kitty panties. I started to regain almost immediately after I lost it so I never got to wear this pair along with several others I had bought as a reward to myself for in honor of all my hard work. But since I was determined to finally get to wear them, I’ve just been holding onto them all this time. Just out of curiosity, I decided to try on my favorite pair—the white ones with the black outline of Hello Kitty’s face, little red cherries and red lace along the waist and legs. Y’ALL—they fit like a dream! The sit so nicely on my hips, don’t cut into my thighs and flatter my curves.

If you take anything away from this blog, I hope it’s to not give up and that sometimes we need to tell the voices in our head (and the scale) to just STFU. Love you. 🤣🥰👊🏾
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