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Where have all the Birdies gone???

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

It's another day---
I survived yesterday--in spite of my poor car being hit by who knows what-

I guess everything will eventually be OK---
I can't seem to get ahold of the insurance people----I would like to know our "deductible"--
For now, we will just "let it be"--

Tess, the older German, as in dog, and I , did our walk-funny how she decides which way we go---and if I happen to go the wrong way, she just sits down on me--
Himself seems happier---- I have no idea why-- maybe I am not as demanding ----I dunno---
If I Had my life to live over, I would encourage this Doctor to have a hobby---preferably one that had an income.

--just saying---

So --It is my "hair Day"-- I must get the house-y stuff done ----

Oh-before I go, I have to tell y'all--- I don't hear all the birds chirping loudly at 5am anymore.
Do you think they have left the North?----
I do hear lotza loons over the lake--but---- no robins ---no chorus of "chirps"---
--Me wonders if the seasons are beginning to change--already?????

I am offa here--- I do enjoy our wee chats---

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    Have a fantastic day! Take care. emoticon emoticon
    60 days ago
    Maybe your birds decided to stay in SoCal this year. This morning 3 of your geese flew over. And I have been seeing dozens of birds in our yard that I have not seen here before. Yellow, blue, red, I have No Idea what they are but very pretty and feasting in our grass.
    60 days ago
    No shortage of birdies here @ the moment. BUT in a month that will change.


    Some days it would be nice to be a bird, take off and head to somewhere pleasingly warm, covid free and peaceful!
    60 days ago
    I hope our summer is not over!

    BUT today on my walk we had 2 different sets of geese flying in formation... strange... then a whole family of wild turkey's just trotted by.. sign's of summer ending?

    enjoy your hair cut..
    have a good one!
    60 days ago
  • no profile photo GREYTDOLPHIN
    We finally got some relief from the heat. It's only 80 degrees F now. It had been in the 90's up til now. Our grass is growing like crazy. We have red tail hawks nearby which doesn't make me happy. Normally I love watching them but worry now about our little white and tan colored chihuahua mix. We go out in the yard with him just in case. Our Bella the greyhound sticks with him if she hears the hawk screeching. Good Bella, love those greyhounds.

    Have a great day.
    60 days ago
    Have a great day! !
    60 days ago
    I hope the season isn't changing yet. It is hot but I'm not ready to be cold. emoticon
    60 days ago
    You should have a copy of your insurance policy, either paper or online, , no need to wait for some dunce to call you. And hurry, there is a time limit! Good luck!
    60 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/30/2020 12:19:25 PM
    Dawn is already coming later. Maybe the birds are also chirping later. emoticon
    60 days ago
    Did you look up your copy of the insurance policy? It should have the deductible clearly stated. Due to the change of companies I would definitely get in touch with them before the policy expires.
    60 days ago
    Wouldn't think the season's change that quickly there as opposed to here? The last couple of days have been stormy so the birds haven't been "chirping" here either. If they have, I haven't heard them. Of course, I'm going deaf. Who knows? Perhaps you'll hear them tomorrow. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    60 days ago
    It’s going to 105 today. Love my summers and I have my grandsons! Also have air conditioning 😄.
    Have a great day! Maybe the robins are visiting the queen today?
    60 days ago
    Enjoy your day. Stay healthy,safe & well
    61 days ago
    I am NOT ready for the season to change yet!
    61 days ago
  • POP07POP1
    May you have a wonderful day !! Take care and stay healthy!! emoticon
    61 days ago
    It’s always irritating when the insurance people don’t respond. I hope they get back to you today so that you can get this all taken care of. Blood Himself is doing better! That’s funny Tess, pretty determined pup
    61 days ago
    It is definitely still summer in South Georgia. Go outside and it is like a sauna. LOL. Rascal just s runs around in our fenced back yard. It is amazing how fast he can take care of business in the heat.

    We have birds around all. Year long. We know seasons are changing when we see the geese flying south or north. Enjoy your hair day—thank goodness I get a haircut next week.

    Maybe Himself is getting his retirement legs and learning how to handle being home and not tied to work days. Have a super day!!!
    61 days ago
    I hope that the birds have not left already. maybe they just decided to move a bit more north because you were too hot. Who knows?

    Enjoy your hair day. It always seems to feel so good to have someone else wash and massage your scalp - unless the person has long fingernails and isn't careful. Then not so good at all.

    Until tomorrow.... emoticon
    61 days ago
    Here near Minneapolis, the birds still abound!
    61 days ago
    We have noticed large numbers of robins in our yard and wondered if they had started migrating from Canada already. We also noticed we aren't seeing as many hummingbirds.
    61 days ago
    I love fall, emoticon but I am NOT ready to give up on summer yet!
    I am hoping for a lot more pool weather! emoticon

    61 days ago
    Good Morning,
    Gosh I hope summer isn't over yet. This morning we saw a coopers hawk on our neighbors garage. It looked like a young one, but I had just gone out and fed my blue birds. I know they have to eat - just not my blue birds. When I was going to a friends this morning their was at least 50 Canadian geese out in a wheat field that had been harvested a few days ago, do you suppose they are lost.
    It is funny how the animals always seem to train us to do what they want. Tess must have gotten tired of going the other way.
    Glad himself is in better mood, maybe he is getting used to being retired! emoticon
    61 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Oh my gosh, I'd love it is the season is changing, that would mean Autumn and that's my favourite season!! But I don't think that's why the birds aren't chirping so early in the morning. I've no idea why they aren't though.

    Happy day to you Lynda.
    61 days ago
    Lynda, isn't it funny how animals seem to have a mind of their own? They keep things hopping for sure! I love the cry of the loon-which we don't have here. So glad your car is driveable and you are not housebound! Have a great day! emoticon
    61 days ago
    We have lots of summer left here yet...
    61 days ago
    Our temperatures are still summer hot, but some of our trees are already starting to change colors. A lot of our birdies are gone too, but they have been gone all summer. The story I have heard is that the the weed killers being used on lawns are being ingested by the birds as they search for food. I really hate that thought! In your neighborhood, perhaps the birds know something you don't - perhaps how fast the seasons can change!
    61 days ago
    My deductible is on my insurance card which is in my wallet and one in the car (glove ) compartment!

    Who ever put gloves in there? It was probably from the olden days when they wore goggles.!
    We may go back to that! emoticon emoticon
    61 days ago
    I know summer is not over here its going to be 102 here the next three days we only have crows so don;t mind not hearing them. hope you get the insurance company soon happy hair day . and Racey says way to Tess on walking mama I do the same thing when we go walking .
    we are also out the door to our morning walk before its to hot. Stay someplace cool and drink your water emoticon emoticon emoticon
    61 days ago
    The birds have come to WI (maybe from Canada via Cleveland?)
    61 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    61 days ago
    Perhaps your birds few here to the south. I know you must miss them. {hugs} We still have a few hummingbirds stopping by, but soon they will move on, too.
    61 days ago
    And we all enjoy those wee chats, too! Hope you have a fine Thursday, Lynda! emoticon
    61 days ago
    I hope summer isn't over yet. I'm not ready for cold weather.
    61 days ago
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