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07/27/20 Getting Ready

Monday, July 27, 2020

Well, I've mentioned off and on about getting ready for my hip replacement and the day has arrived. Tuesday will be busy with the last minute prep and the surgery is Wednesday. Nowadays, hip replacements are semi-outpatient so I spend one night at the hospital and home on Thursday. I will be off the air at least till the weekend but I will check in after I get home and things have settled down. To tide some of you over till I can resume the daily holidays, here are some of the celebrations during the time I'll be gone. When I can, I'll post a joke or two.

7/28/19 Tuesday
--Buffalo Soldiers Day: today commemorates the creation by Congress in 1866 6 army regiments of all-black soldiers; today honors their bravery and contributions to the building of America.
--National Hamburger Day: there are several hamburger days due to several claims of origination; today salutes the story of Louis Lasser's creation in 1900; White Castle restaurants would start in 1921 and other hamburger places started shortly after.
--National Milk Chocolate Day: a salute to that mix of cocoa solids and dry/condensed milk; milk chocolate has been around since the 1830's.

7/29/19 Wednesday
It's Lasagna Day! Some many versions of this delectable food. Good thing it's too hot to cook or Garfield and I would be in trouble. Lasagna originated in Italy (no surprise there) in the Emilia-Romagna region and has changed very little over the centuries.
--International Tiger Day: a global event to raise awareness for the need of their preservation and to promote protection and expansion of their habitat lost to human activities; there are more tigers in captivity than in their natural habitat of Asia.
--National Lipstick Day: a symbol of culture and style, there has been a love-hate relationship over the centuries with lipstick; a few lipstick facts:
1. Lipstick might have implied you were a prostitute. Early in the Greek empire, red lipstick signaled that a woman was a prostitute.
2. A lipstick ban was briefly considered. In 1650, Parliament attempted to ban the wearing of lipstick, the vice of painting.
3. Lipstick was an indicator of social rank. During the Roman Empire, lipstick was used to indicate social status, even by men.
4. George Washington would occasionally wear lipstick, and makeup, and a powdered wig.
5. Some thought lipstick-wearing should be an offense punishable by law. In 1915, a bill was introduced into Kansas legislature to make it a misdemeanor for a woman under 44 to wear makeup because it created a false impression.
6. The Queen had her own signature shade made. Queen Elizabeth II commissioned her own lipstick shade to match her coronation robes. The lipstick was called "The Balmoral Lipstick" after her Scottish country home.
7. Lipstick allegedly caused diva moments. Elizabeth Taylor loved her red lipstick so much she demanded that no one else on her movie sets could wear it.
8. Winston Churchill would not allow lipstick to me rationed. During WWII, all cosmetics except for lipstick were rationed. Churchill felt lipstick had a positive effect on morale.
9. 80 Percent of American women wear lipstick. In the mid-2000's, a poll found the 80 percent of American women wore lipstick, about 10 percent more than French women.

7/30/19 Thursday
--National Cheesecake Day: oh, lasagna yesterday and cheesecake today, I am in trouble; a form of cheesecake is noted in ancient Greece and appears in print in 1440 but didn't take off till the 18th and 19th centuries; made of cheese, sugar, eggs over a thin crust, there distinct styles such as the New York cheesecake, the lighter French style and the Italian made with ricotta cheese.
--National Support Public Education Day: today reminds us to support our public education systems and to fight for the education of all kids which is necessary for the future growth of society; the individual districts do have problems but we need to keep supporting their efforts.
--Paperback Book Day: the first paperback of a regular novel was published by Penguin on this date in 1935; there had been the small paper dime novels and pulp magazines but this was the first effort to publish a novel as a paperback; it is thought that the targeted audience were the railway travelers who would have lots of time on their hands but a regular book would be burdensome for traveling.

7/31/19 Friday
It's Avocado Day! Oh, that bit of paradise! Whether by slices or as part of guacamole, it's also a source of healthy omegas. Can't beat that! Native to Mexico, avocados were brought to Florida in 1833 by horticulturist Henry Perrine; they eventually migrated to California in the 1880's.
--National Mutt Day: a salute to the best dogs ever; mixed breeds make excellent pets and family member.
--Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day: everyone recognizes the piano, violin, guitar but would you recognize a theremin, a counterbass balalaika, an American Fotoplayer-a special player piano that made the sound effects during the 19th century silent movies; have you seen videos the group STOMP, an 8-member music group using wooden poles, brooms, garbage cans and such to make music?

I hope to be back to routine by the weekend but we'll see. I've already had the other hip done, 8 years ago, so I'm optimistic about this hip. Keep sparking! Caz, behave yourself. :)

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