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Best Sunday in I can't even begin to guess how long!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

This was going to be a short, sweet entry...silly me... emoticon

I don't know how to put into words how special, relaxing, and fulfilling today has been. With the exception of my meditation session this morning, and my 75 minutes of non-stop cleaning (and dancing), my apartment has been blessedly quiet. (even my normally loud, obnoxious, upstairs neighbors have been unusually quiet!) As a result, this has been a marvelously long day where time seemed to have slowed to a crawl. My television has been off all day except for just now, but I'm listening to Spotify (Celtic Chill), not watching tv.

My mood all day has been one of gratitude, contentment, calmness, and inner peace I don't think I have felt in years. I did spend time online and gleaned such joy and inspiration from the pages I visited, some uplifting videos I discovered, and chatting with some friends.

I did start the morning doing my Spark routine, then went on to consciously choosing to be on my feet for 45 minutes give my kitchen a really good cleaning (which I danced through). I am so proud of myself as(I am embarrassed to admit) l usually leave dishes in the sink until I feel I have the energy, if not the desire, to do them. I rinse them, just don't wash them. (living by myself I tend to use eco-friendly paper plates and bowls I can just toss.) Due in large part to my depression more than anything else, especially during this increasingly stressful time. I'm looking forward to finding a new doctor here soon as I've changed my insurance to PPO and am looking forward to a physician I can actually relate to in the very near future! And...I digress....*sighs*

Anyway, I have been feeling the urge and actual desire to get myself in gear and start my fall cleaning early, since I've renewed my lease for another year(and they DIDN"T raise my rent! Oh! The relief and joy...)which may also be part of the desire to get things cleaned, sorted, and uncluttered! In any event, I added another 30 minutes to my time to do my usual chores of vacuuming, cleaning my fur babies area, and prepping for my dinner.

On a side note, I bought myself an iPhone for my birthday in February and enjoy their health app. (My fit bit is still packed away somewhere in a box and how I miss it) But it only measures my steps, although it has a feature to track standing /activity time. I thought it would automatically track the 75 minutes, but it didn't. I need to find online instructions to see what I have to do.

To get back to the subject at hand....a serene Sunday and feeling of peace that is almost an alien sad is that? But now...Now I know what to do to have it with me anytime. My next step is to move my chores to Saturday, so I have all day on Sunday to explore and expand this peace and well being. As well as carrying it through my often hectic, frustrating, and nerve-wracking work week.

Now it's time to feed my two fur babies and spend some time on a little pampering and self-care to help me meet the week with a joyful, peaceful heart, soul, and mind!


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