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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

July 15, 2020

Today has been quite a day!! I thought that I was doing things wrong today in God's eyes. My question was "What did I do wrong now?" A matter of disappointment in myself. I don't forgive myself for my wrongs. However, Jesus, forgave me. As usual, my faith is being tested which can be discouraging.

Feeling a little depressed and trying to stay busy, I managed to watch a program called "Heaven is Real" on TV. It is a documentary and is on Tubi TV if you ever heard of it. It is free on my Roku TV as I livestream and add channels to the lineup. Rarely, do I ever watch programs and somewhere I heard this is a good program to watch. A little abrupt at first, but real, the program gave me a real glimpse into the promise of heaven. Yes!! Heaven is Real!!

It said that the sun while no longer shine but God's glory will light up the entire kingdom. I felt so relaxed and at peace after the program. I even managed to nap and that doesn't come to me so easily and felt at peace. Upon waking, the rain had stopped and I wanted to check the mail for a package for my mom's phone. Casually, walking outside, I noticed it was cool out. This is unusual this time of year, it rains so often and is unbearably hot most of the summer.

To the West, was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. The sun was bright and orange and glowing so peacefully. Granted that the sun is a small smidgen of God's true light. It rises everyday and sets every night and I'm amazed by this creation of God. "His light" I figured. It was revealed to me that God's light when we will return to heaven will be much more immense and perfect. The sun is nothing in comparison to God's beauty in heaven. This made me feel better and I was in awe.

Upon returning to my apartment from the mailbox, the sun was setting. I looked to my right and the most awesome sight compelled me. It was the most beautiful rainbow. Every color and brightness, proves God's promises. As stated in Genesis 9:12-16, The Lord has given his promise and blessing in the covenant after Noah and flood.

It was right there!! I wanted to shout from the rooftops and share it with someone. So, awesome and wonderful. Completely!! Words can't explain the impact on me!! Thank you, Lord!! May all of you have a nice evening and enjoy what joys you can. You never know what to expect to clear your mind!! Love you all!!
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