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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

It is now Wednesday but I haven't gone to sleep yet. There is a good reason! It is very hot and after a busy day and a nap, things started hopping around ten o'clock. Earlier this week my son and I redid our dining room. Wednesday is trash collection day and as Ed was taking out the trash, he started on a cleaning frenzy. He started alone but called me in to look at what he was doing. We spent the next 4 hours reorganizing the kitchen and the walkway from kitchen through the dining room into the living room. By the time we were done, we were both soaking wet with sweat, but feeling really good about the changes. It looks so organized and functional and just made me smile from ear to ear. I hate criticizing him because he does so much for everyone and then has a tendency not to feel like doing at home.

We are busy making things work better for when I come home from the hospital in a couple of weeks. The changes we have in mind will really make it easier for me to get around and to find everything easily accessible. Earlier today I weeded out more clothes. Ed took two more bags to donate. With every item I give away, I struggle to decide if I want to let it go. I have gone through the tops four times already and each time I let go of a few more. I got rid of a full bag of t-shirts and still have more to get rid of. As a Special Education teacher, I wear t-shirts. on Fridays especially around the holidays. Every year my aides and I buy a few new ones and since I mostly wear them about 1-3 times each year, they are all like new. It is hard to get rid of them as my kids LOVE the fun shirts.

I got color coded totes so each season is in a different color. I am hoping this will reduce the clutter by storing the out of season things out of sight.

My room is getting some changes during the next week or two. I am excited about that. Ed wants to do the communal areas first and then do the bedrooms, but also wants to get mine done before the 27th when I have my knee surgery.

It has been fun working with Ed this past week. We even put candles on the table with a nice tablecloth. It has definitely been a mood booster!

Have a blessed day and find your blessings in everyday life. Every day brings blessings that we too often overlook because they are not the DRAMATIC or Earth shaking but may be as simple as a thoughtful gesture. My darling son bought me two new books yesterday. He has been doing this for me every so often. He checks the books I normally read and checks for those released most recently since they aren't likely to be ones I have read. This is a small but extremely thoughtful blessing that brings me great joy! Look for your little blessings - they are all around you! Make a difference in someone's life by being the best you that you can be!
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