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Sunday - Check off the dining room

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Today my son and I tackled the dining room. We took everything off the shelving units, took them out to be picked up by trash collections. Then replaced them with more useful and wider shelving units. We washed all the glass and plastic containers and then put all of my son's kitchen toys on the shelves and added the other items that had been displaced. We tossed things we don't need and/or don't work. We filled bags with stuff to donate. We moved the table back into the room and basked in the feeling of accomplishment that it gave us. The room looks very different now and sparkles with the veep my of a job well done.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my primary care doctor and then am heading to the hospital an hour and a half away to have ekg, blood bloodwork, and other pre-op tests. It starts the countdown to my surgery two weeks from tomorrow.

Tonight I am relaxing and enjoying the tired, sweaty feeling of a job well done. We still have more to do over the next two weeks but the most important of the things is getting the AC fixed. The heat pump is supposed to be in stock tomorrow so we are hopeful although covid-19 seems to keep delaying things. Praying that it works out.

Wishing everyone a successful, productive week and a reminder to fill it with love, laughter, and generosity of spirit! You don't have control over external factors (like the virus) but you do have control over how you react to them. Make your life rich and fulfilling by being kind, peaceful and loving!
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