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A windows open morning

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Sunday, July 12, 2020

This is the third morning in a row, at least (may be more, the days are blending together) when I got up only to throw open the windows and put on the fans, bringing fresh air, nay, fresh COOL air, into the house for the first few hours of the day.

This morning I left those windows open while I went to pick up my grocery order. Nice conversation with the guy who was loading the bags into my car, mainly about the weather and how things are, and definitely socially distanced. How nice that a fellow morning person was on duty.

Has anyone else noticed? Is it just us seniors, or do they do this for everyone? "Samples" getting put into my order. One week it was a single pot canister of ground coffee. Today it was "fun" sized gummy bears, M&M's, a can of V8 juice blend, and a coloring pen! All packed in a little gift bag with bar-code "order" thingys to scan for the products included. None of which I will probably use (except the gummies and M&M's), and might just donate to a food bank. The first time I went to senior hour, back in March, they were handing out flowers to the shoppers. I have since gone through a time of delivery (when they offered it for free), and now mostly it's curbside pick up. Life is changing our habits, or the virus is.

Meanwhile, in "phase 3" of reopening, and teetering in "up/down" of the numbers of cases and hospitalizations in Nebraska, here's what happened yesterday: nebraska.rivals.

Yes, a football game. And yes, with spectators in attendance! Over 2000. It is obviously outdoors, but I don't see a lot of social distancing in the crowd, and I only spotted ONE mask in that crowd. And while they tout that none of the 90 players involved in the camps tested positive for Covid19, when you dig deeper in the article, the testing was not required.

Guess Nebraskans love their football enough to be used as guinea pigs while we try to find a way to do it safely? Anyway, that happened yesterday, now we wait 3 weeks and observe what kind of viral fall out there might be.

Me? Sticking close to home. No big crowds for me. My yard is starting in on the taller stalks of Asian lilites. I'm soaking in the cool mornings.

The feral cat keeps getting bolder, claiming a corner of the deck when Prisoner and Rubia are inside, and establishing a detente with them when they are out, but it still scatters when I go out with the camera.

So, fellow Sparkers... choose your risks. Remember to wear protection, wash those hands frequently, wipe down frequently touched surfaces, and watch your distance. By the way, for those who asked, no, that sign about #safesix was not local, I swiped it from a Facebook post of a friend... it was one of those "too good not to share" moments.

Let's live the best Sunday, July 12, 2020 we can manage, each in our individual circumstances, right where we are. Eat and exercise to support your body's health and immune system. Get your rest. Don't "overdo" the news and spin... be informed but not panicked. We can do this. And we're worth doing it for! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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