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Saturday and time is flying by

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Week 1 of our 5% Challenge has finished, and I start the pre-op stuff for my surgery on Monday. My primary has to okay it and I have an appointment with him Monday, bloodwork, ekg, etc. I need to get done on Monday also. It is Monday that starts the country time clock ticking.

Today the door fell off of our airfryer - wouldn't you know, it is that ONE part that can't be bought as a replacement. We use it all the time and it has converted a lot of normally high calorie, fatty foods into healthy versions. Will have to buy a replacement tomorrow.

I thought I would see a decent weight loss this week but heat, constipation, and stress are conspiring against me. I did lose 1/2 a pound so I am not complaining. I also saw a drop in blood sugar levels that have been particularly problemsome, so that is a huge positive. They aren't where I want them, but they are down by 15 points on average.

Yesterday my son and I were out and we stopped at his favorite burger place - Five Guys. I rarely go there but I took Ed's advice and got a "tiny burger" instead of a double burger. Even the tiny was filling. I love their fries that are freshly cut on site. I decided to be smart and got the "TINY" order of fries. Well, Ed and I both shared them and threw away more than half of what was in the order because we were full. You could feed an entire family on that order - LOL. I felt like we made pretty good choices and everything was tasty. We are outside under the trees at the far end of the patio. It wasn't crowded as there was one family inside and one man outside on the opposite end of the patio. After eating, we stopped at the farmer's market and got fresh peaches and purple and green cauliflower.

Today Ed was up early weed whacking and lawn mowing. He did our yard and a neighbor's yard and also the roadside rest area that his Ruritan club has adopted to keep clean.

The heat is still with us and we have hoped that our new heat pump/AC unit will be in stock on Monday. It has been a tough two years without it. We had to save for it because a neighbor is an HVAC specialist and needs cash. He is saving us over a thousand dollars so can't get a loan to do the job or charge on a card - just cash. The savings makes it worth the wait!

Be blessed and a blessing for those you encounter in your daily life! These are trying times and quite stressful! Hugs and appreciation for all of my Spark friends who help me on this journey!
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