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Suddenly Saturday !! Getting used to this "do what I want" days ... enjoy your days ..

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Our virtual kitchen is Covid-19 free ...:)

Suddenly Saturday !!!!

Another quiet day ... soooo borrrrriiinnnggg ... I'm enjoying it !!! lol lol lol ..

Hubby did get me out of the house yesterday to take a run to Jimmy Johns to get some sammiches for lunch .. and he was nice and took the side roads so I would get a ride .. :) I enjoyed my ride, and felt good to get out a bit .. Next week we may take a road trip up north for a bit ... and for a ride .. but we'll see ..

Yesterday I spent a good portion of my day up in my playroom ... I did get my hourly "get off your butt" steps, and added extra to each time .. so ended up with 7114 steps ... I'm happy with that .. at least that means I didn't sit on my butt all day long ... :) but it was a very low key day, and when I spend time in my playroom; I have to get out and stretch my legs .. there is so much to do in there, that I could get stuck in there all day long, and before I knew it it would be time for bed, and if my belly didn't tell me it was time to eat, I wouldn't even deal with that .. But my water runs out, and my belly tells me it's time for food .. so I do come out of my cave occasionally .. lol lol lol .. (and it keeps me out of trouble .. lol)

I started a new drawing yesterday .. and so far am very pleased with it .. I found him (Hanu) on one of my Maltese pages on FB; and he was just soooo cute .. After I finish, if he turns out, I will offer him to his owner .. but he was just sooooo cute !!!! I couldn't resist ....

Here is my sample ....

I did the background first again, and am using my "workable fixative" ... to see how that works .. ... Note to self: .. Self .. wear a mask when spraying it .. I turn off the fan, put a posterboard behind it to catch all the outspray, and spray .. and turn the fan back on .. and leave the room for about 1/2 hour .. it's like spraying spraypaint in the house .. Only thing I didn't do yesterday was wear a mask .. Gotta do that from now on .. lol lol lol .. it's not alot of spray, just a once over .. but I tried it .... and not sure what it does .. I'm looking forward to the FINAL fixative.. Lots and lots of experiments .. :)

But I'm so happy with how he's turning out .. :)

So far ..........

I DID do my watercolor charts .. and I totally forgot my inserts for my August cards, until I was well into Hanu .. ?? Oh well .. there's always today, or tomorrow or Monday or Tuesday .. lol lol lol ..

I played golf with hubby in mid afternoon so I got another day of "activity" notations on my fitbit ... so happy with that .. 5 out of 4 days so far .. and if I play golf this afternoon with hubby, I will have 6 out of 4 days .. :) WOOHOO !!!!!

I played puzzle in the evening yesterday ... and I'm almost done with this one .. I like those ones that are a challenge, but not so much a challenge that you sit and look at it and get nothing .. lol lol ..

I can honestly say I am content .. as long as I can get outside for a little bit each day just to get some fresh air, and sunshine .. I think I have a plan with my drone .. During one of my playtimes, I want to work on the phone wifi connection for the camera .. I thought I would need an internet connection wifi in the house, (we don't have one), but then thought .. my "lil sis" camera connects via wifi .. ?? without a house connection ... why couldn't the drone ...

The first time I tried it was the first time I tried the drone, and well .. if you remember .. it was the crash day .. and nothing was working .. Now that I've had some days' of just playtime flight and have had less crashes .. I think it's time to start seeing if the camera can connect ... baby steps ..

As you can see .. I've got lots of stuff to keep me busy around here .. and I'm loving this "down time" .. I've got a long way before I run out of things to do, as long as I keep an open mind .. and it feels good to not have to "fit wannado's" into where you can ...

Hubby and I went downstairs in the basement, and we were talking .. and we made a pact, that we would send out at least 1 bag of garbage or donate a week .. there is stuff down there that we haven't touched since moving in (1995ish) so obviously it may not be missed (much) .. so I told hubby that he could start going through the stuff, and put it on the side and we would go through them together .. and weed down some of that stuff ... instead of trying to do it all in a rush ... After mom is gone, we have been planning for years to move to AZ area ... so I'm happy that hubby is getting to the point that he wants to putze too .. lol ... He "rearranged" the stuff down there when we had our furnace replaced, and well .. I haven't found anything since .. (and I haven't used that stuff for about 4 years, so I can obviously live without it or replaced it since) ...

That's what's going on in my end of the world .. Nothing exciting, but just being ... that's about all we can do right now ..

I may run a few errands with him today just to get out of the house .. hmmmmmmmmmmm .... :)

I wish everyone a wonderful day .. be safe, be strong, be smart, be happy and be healthy !!!!

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    29 days ago
    thats truly funny
    arizona wow we will never move and I am ok with that
    last year we downsized our 4 atticks then some closets.Still more junk then we need.
    today I am draggin why I am not sure. I did 45 min arobics weights ab machine reverse and byclcle crunches
    added some more leg exercises. was going full keto but when lunch came i wanted nothing supper well a bowl of cold slaw and 2 tomatoes
    amen no dishes
    tomorrow church out for breakfast then meards and a mall to walk
    monday a hair cut and this time I have to decided how much to take off the wedding is about 5 weeks away.I still cant beleive it is still on 184 people for church and venue with covid rising daily I told my sister to stay home she is 83
    30 days ago
    OMG! Hanu is soooooooo utterly adorable!!!!!!!!! Those precious eyes just pop out in your drawing!

    Good for you getting your steps and playing Wii golf.

    I have been trying to clear the basement, too. Big project.

    30 days ago
    30 days ago
    Nice drawing!
    30 days ago
    30 days ago
    Your drawing is really good.
    30 days ago
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