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How things are now

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

The food pantry has resumed it's indoor meeting time and discontinued the drive-in, which was instigated because of the coronavirus. My worker can no longer lift things, so we got someone to help us from the food pantry.I was told that I had to arrive by 8:30 (the cooked breakfast happens starting 8, but I never have it). But that wasn't actually true, So we arrived at 8:12. We wore masks. The actual food "shopping" is in another room (one to two people at a time) now, BUT still for an hour to an hour and a half prior, we are all sitting around a table without social distancing. And people are NOT wearing masks correctly even if they are wearing them--you do not wear a cloth mask with the bottom untied so you can drink a Starbucks, you don't detach or push the mask down so you can talk, you don't wear mask under your chin! Plus it was like a restaurant at first, no one who was eating wore a mask while they were eating. AND all kinds of misinformation about the virus was flying around the table. A poll was taken as to how many people were afraid they might catch COVID 19 at the food pantry (not very many!) how many people knew someone who had the virus (no one), and how many people wanted to go back to the drive-in approach (not very many)! It was terrifying to me. i am so HAPPY that instead of grabbing a number out of a bin that the numbers were handed out and mine was number one! I got to go first, I had first pick AND to get away as soon as possible.

On the plus side, I am interviewing a man tomorrow afternoon to take Kathy's place as my transportation six hours a week. He sounds pleasant over the phone. I hope it goes well and I can hire him. Of course, I am giving Kathy a "two weeks" notice if I do decide to hire him. And of course, she knows this. She agreed with me that her surgery will probably happen sooner than later and also that I am struggling with my balance very much at times doing all the lifting now. We both agree it's for the best, which is a relief since we have become good friends.

I don't think this proverb should be taken literally, I think it means to share a positive viewpoint, to pass it along. It wouldn't be good to meet with friends and potentially spread the virus at this time.
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