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7 months into 2020

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Today was a sad and tearful day for me. This was my late brother's favorite holiday. He usually bought $2000 worth of fireworks and got at least another $1000 worth free. He put on an amazing fireworks show for his neighbors on Boone Lake. He had help setting off the fireworks. I was in charge of filming the fireworks show. Then, my son was in charge of uploading the files to his computer and editing them into a non-stop fireworks show with music. My brother loved watching the Blu-ray that my son made over and over again. I know he was missed by many this year. I'm still at my brother's house. I'm waiting on his tax return to be done. Until that is in the mail, I can't go home. Which means I'll probably have to call and reschedule two of my doctors appointments again. I had a meeting with my lawyer last week. He's trying to get things wrapped up. I need to sell the house. He gave me a name of a realtor. So when we get the stuff moved next month, I will be contacting him. There's just so much to do. When I get home, it will be doctor appointments and getting my house changed around to accommodate some of my brother's stuff I wanted and needed. So much work. Then back here to move it all. I also.have to call a lawyer in Florida because I'm not going there while the Covid is setting records daily. It's about his time share condos where we have been going every September. He's had 2 since 1991. The 3rd is a new purchase that he owes money on. I have the name and information on a couple lawyers. I'm holding off for now. I've got too much to deal with right now. He left my son a 1991 Firebird that needed some work. Its supposed to be ready Monday but I have my doubts. We shall see. I've only been out to go to the grocery store and I wear my mask. I go with social distancing guidelines. Otherwise I've rode with my son to run his errands but stayed in the car. I'm tired, emotional and exhausted us probably a better word than tired. My body is fighting. No more walks here. They drive like this is the Bristol Speedway driving way over speed limits and not stopping at stop signs. I've narrowly avoided being hit one too many times. A car flew by me missing me by inches last night. No more walks. It's gotten more dangerous than earlier this year. They speed up and down the road all hours of the day and night. It may be the 16th before I get home if his taxes aren't done before the 15th. I'm just frustrated and fed up. My migraines have increased. It's all the stress. Hope you have a great week ahead. Sending you all love and hugs
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