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Day 101 - It's all Greek to me

Thursday, July 02, 2020

I'm not a TV person.  I know people swear blind they 'never watch TV' well, except for X, and Y, and oh we like blah,and blah, plus blah...........  So the list goes on.  Truly, that isn't me.  My TV broke down about five or so years ago.  The boys by then were streaming anything they wanted to watch on their tablets/laptops, as indeed I streamed tennis on my computer.  None of us missed the TV so I never replaced it.  When I was staying at The ex Worker [?] Friend's place before I moved in here, he suddenly announced one evening;

ExWF - I'm going to give you my old TV

Me - That's very nice of you but I don't need a TV

ExWF - It's not a smart TV but you'll be able to get all the standard channels

Me - I don't watch TV

ExWF - Yeah so you won't be bothered with not being able to get netflix and all that

Me - No I wouldn't be but I don't want a TV thank you

ExWF -  Well I'm giving it to you anyway

Me - Ah, you don't want to 'give' me the TV for MY benefit. You want it at my house so YOU can watch it when you're there.

He did at least look slightly sheepish at that.  Anyhow, that's how I landed up with a TV here.  During lockdown I have put it on occasionally, mostly to hear the latest government announcements.  A few weeks back the remote wasn't working so I put new batteries in.  Turned out the remote was fine but the starter on the TV wasn't working.  I wasn't bothered so thought no more about it.  Until the last couple of days when I figured it might be nice to have a TV here for when The Fam visit.  Hence I started looking at TV's and looking up what all the incomprehensible jargon meant.  Eventually I did the sensible thing.  I spoke with youngest son about it and he told me what to look for and what half the blurb meant.  I sent him links to a couple I was thinking of, he said which he thought was best, and today I ordered it.  As I don't have transport I elected to pay the extra £3.95 for delivery.  Less than two hours later, it was here!  Talk about service.  Shame people can't get a grocery shop delivered so easily eh?

Well then the fun starts.  As if the jargon wasn't sufficiently incomprehensible, the instructions turned out to also be 'all Greek to me'.  To start with I had to fit the stand.  The 'instructions' consisted of a small, very poor diagram. Just one mind you.  First up I needed a Phillips screwdriver and the only one in my draw was a flat head.  I searched through various tool boxes that Peetee and The ex Worker [?] Friend had left but I couldn't find a single screwdriver.  I suspect they mostly use the attachments on their drills.  Luckily I was able to borrow one from Lili.  I was also able to fathom out how to make and fit the stand.  I'm assuming I've done it correctly owing to the fact the damn thing is still upright!  It got easier at that point.  Amazingly they haven't changed how you connect the aerial, or plug the sodding thing in.  Apart from having to select my language and country, it self tuned - hurrah.  So now I have my very own idiot box.  I guess at some point I should get around to watching something on it!  It should actually be a Smart idiot box but I haven't sussed out how to connect it to the internet as yet.

Mostly because by that point I wanted dinner.  I'd got one of my home made ready meals out of the freezer and as that was warming up I was making a salad to go with it.  Which is when I had a little chuckle to myself. You see the 'ready meal' I'd selected for today was a moussaka and I was making Greek salad to go with it.  And it so happens for lunch I had pitta bread and taramasalata.  So you see today it really has been ''all Greek to me''.   

Bright blessings
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