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Walking and Meditation

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Monday, June 29, 2020

Yesterday I hiked near my home. I love to hike, and find that meditation fits well with the gentle, constant movement of my hike.
I learned the following through a recent FitBit article. My hikes are more interesting and also calming when I add the moving meditation.

Focus on your feet. “Pay full attention, as much as you can, to each step as you take it—where your foot is going, the elevation change, what’s around your foot,” Shy says. You may also wish to slow down, especially at the start of your hike or walk, and notice the movement of your muscles as you take each step. For this type of moving meditation, the destination often matters less than the overall experience.

Sense your senses. For a sensory-rich hike or walk, open your attention to what you are seeing, hearing, smelling, and perhaps even touching and tasting. Take notice of the movements of your body, your heart beating, and how the air feels on your skin. Let these things come into and out of your awareness, Shy says. You don’t have to focus on all of this at once; instead, find what feels best to you and what helps to bring your mind away from any distracting thoughts so you can be fully present during your hike.
Add an element of gratitude. With every step or breath, note something you are grateful for, Shy suggests. This could be your body, your breath pumping through you, the trees in front of you—anything! With this practice, you’ll not only enjoy great views and sweat, but you’ll also have a long appreciation list by the end of your hike.

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