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Apple tree seedling doing well.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Hi, I live in an urban area and in an apartment and the fact that I'm growing an apple seedling seem a little odd to some people. It is a hobby of learning that came out of the Corona virus situation. I did not make it grow. However, I did put the seeds in the refrigerator and they sprouted!! I did get one seedling out of the four seeds. It sprouted on May 16, 2020. It has grown a lot but is still a little on shaky legs... I guess it might take a couple of years to evolve into a tree if I foster it indoors for some time. It is a little hot in Florida for seedlings outside right now especially. The heat index rose over 100 for 3 days in the previous week. I am proud of the little seedling. May it go far and continue to grow and one day produce apples somewhere. It is evident that I can not continue to keep it in an apartment. when it reaches a certain point I might have to give it over to a nursery or something. I don't know why I'm growing it alongside the indoor garden that I have. Just am.

My surgery is still delayed and that is ok. I really don't want to be there if Corona is a problem. I pray that the doctors and nurses will get rest at some point and stay well in this world. So much going on. The surgery is such a smidgen of importance compared to the world right now.

I want the Lord to shine his light on everyone and bless us all and give us solutions that will repair such a broken world. I feel for the young and old and each and every person.

I want to know how you all are and check in once a while if you can. I will attempt to do the same.

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