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Sunday, June 28, 2020

So last week I sort of laid out my plan for the week - and talked about my major cleaning project for the summer. I have made progress, but as always it's slow and painful.

Last Sunday I did everything on my daily list except I did not start on my project. Instead I sort a week's worth of neglected mail & bills and filed some paperwork that needed to be dealt with.

As far as the week's goals - I skipped formal exercise Wednesday and Friday and did active rest days instead. I kept up on laundry, the yard and most of the house. The kitchen has become a nightmare of a mess that I just can't seem to keep clean and almost feel like "why bother when I'm going to do a big clean soon". I spent a lot of time cleaning, and only skipped Wednesday when I went out of town to order a new dryer (which will arrive Thursday). I only read a little bit as I'm having a hard time settling down to focus on my book which is really unlike me.

What I accomplished last week
My bathroom, linen closet, coat closet, and living room are completely cleaned. Except one of my lovely cats vomited on my freshly steam cleaned living room floor overnight - so I need to go over that spot again. I love my cats, but sometimes I don't like them very much.

I researched and ordered my new dryer - and am really unhappy with Lowe's because they can't/won't narrow down my delivery window from 8am- 8pm on Thursday. If I weren't on summer break right now I would have had to cancel my order because there's no way I could take a whole day off of work to wait for delivery and they only deliver to my town on Thursday's. I am really unimpressed. Last summer when I ordered a fridge from them, I had a 2 hour window.

I made medical appointments for people and animals in the house, bought a new pair of workout shoes, shopped for my kiddo's b-day next week, and spent way too much time on YouTube and reading the news feed on my phone. I like having access to the news feed, but I'm thinking of deleting the app from my phone b/c I tend to lose track of time as I scroll from one article to another.

Next Sunday we leave for a week so between now and then I need to:
1. Gym/fitness class every day - I'll have a long break the next week so it's important I go every single day this week
2. Finish the upstairs of my house (kitchen, my room, boy's room, and clean the hallway and stairs carpets). I can work on the basement when we get back.
3. Move the old dryer for easier removal and clean the space where the new one goes for delivery.
4. Yardwork the day before we leave so I don't come back to a jungle
5. Pedicure on Friday (yay!) plus I need a couple of pairs of shorts so I'll need to hit a store while I'm out of town. The fewer stops the better, but I've had zero luck with shorts I've ordered online so I'm just going to have to pick a store, mask up, and be quick.
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