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The Big Comeback

Thursday, June 25, 2020

I'm recovering from major surgery. I'm healing much more quickly than I thought I would, and I'm so much better two weeks out from surgery that I hardly seem like the same person I was before surgery. Part of the reason I'm healing so quickly in spite of having health challenges that make it a little harder to heal is all my years on this site learning about nutrition, building muscle, and eating to be strong. I'm balancing protein, carbs and fat and moving as much as I can, without exhausting myself. I'm listening to my body and being as kind to it as I can be, and I'm in awe of how it has wanted to heal. In spite of the fact that I'm eating to heal and I'm not trying to restrict calories, my weight is falling and falling because I couldn't eat for about a week and I've had to eat several small meals this last week. Thanks to Sparkpeople, I know how to do that efficiently too. Now is not the time to get into a strict diet and exercise plan, but when I'm sufficiently healed I plan to start, both to help with eating nutritious food and to exercise to get my strength back. When I feel less exhausted by everyday things and when I feel ready to cook my own food again, I'm going to start slowly and get where I need to be slowly, but that may be a month or two from now. I finally have the love and support of an astonishingly good man, I have a plan for my future that I'm excited about, I have a city to call home and family I love nearby, and friends I can talk to. I'm better placed than I've ever been in my life to take care of myself, and I've already started. I'm excited to come back to Sparkpeople and get strong, when the time comes.
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