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Nature Photography

Saturday, June 20, 2020

The blog topic that I chose for Week 3 of the A&I BSG Challenge is: Nature Photography Day was June 15. The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) along with millions of photographers and photography lovers across the nation observe Nature Photography Day on June 15th. Do you enjoy taking pictures of wildlife or are you someone that prefers to take pictures of family and friends?

I had never heard of that day, but I do love to take all kinds of photos - family and friends, of course, but many, many nature photos as well. I take my phone with me on my walks and often stop to take pictures of the scenery - flowers in season or the wildlife, I see, which is mostly birds. When I am on the golf course, I am sometimes distracted from the game by the beautiful scenery, birds on the course (or an occasional alligator!) and I pull out my phone to capture the scene. I also like to take a snapshot of something I see out our window in our back garden or yard. The sunrises and sunsets here in Florida are always beautiful - the pictures never do them justice.
I take so many pictures that I wondered how I could choose which ones to share, especially since I wrote a nature relieves stress blog in April. I finally made the decision to "just" show my most recent photos from the past two months (going from most recent till the beginning of May) There's still a lot!

I'll start with this evening. I headed out to take a couple photos around our house just for this blog!

This is a photo from golf this morning.

We have a cardinal that comes to visit in our backyard every day (I believe he is a winged messenger from one of my loved ones in Heaven!) Here he is on our waterfall in the garden just yesterday and on top of the tree in the center of the second photo.

Sandhill cranes dancing on the golf course taken this past Tuesday

A couple views of an anhinga by the lake on an outing I took with my friend on Monday.

Two ducks dh and I passed on our Monday morning walk.

This is a funny one! I looked out the back window of our patio and saw a squirrel relaxing on a stake that we have next to one of our trees. It looked pretty uncomfortable to me!

We went on a boat ride with our friends two weeks ago. Here are a few of the many scenery pics I took. I also took a lot of people photos that day.

More sandhill cranes by the pond near our house in mid May

And ducks in our waterfall! All kinds of birds love to take a bath in it!

I guess I have a liking for the ducks here! LOL Here are a bunch! I wonder why they haven't had babies this year?

Well, someone in our neighborhood found ducklings and shared them on Facebook, so I stole the picture!

This one is a different type of duck with an orange beak that we never saw here till this year.

These are called ibis (they have crooked beaks)

My favorite photo I've taken of an egret on the golf course. They don't fly away if you get close!

But I don't ONLY take birds! Here is a cacti garden we passed in our golf cart. It is very unusual to see it here - very unique and pretty!

And here is a sunrise on the golf course in May (we had a very early tee time!)

Finally the last photos to share were taken on May 3rd and 1st - flowering plants and trees on our morning walk.

Oh, but I never showed you an alligator photo! I take plenty of them in our pond, but you can only see their snout coming out of the water, like this one taken in April.

These last ones were taken at the end of April, not by me, but by my neighbor. She was driving down the street and saw it in someone's front yard! I heard later that the alligator was traveling around the neighborhood, because someone foolishly had been feeding it hamburger! They ended up having to catch it and take it somewhere else.

As you can see, I take a lot of photos! I also have many beautiful nature photos from vacations we've taken in past years, but this blog is just a sampling of everyday photos that I take not far from my house. Taking photos of nature makes me happy! There is so much beauty all around us!
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