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2020 ~ The Year WITHOUT 'Normals'

Monday, June 15, 2020

2020 has been quite the year, hasn't it? The holidays of 2019 and New Year's Eve, 2019/New Year's Day, 2020 seems like a lifetime ago. I guess, in some ways it is!

First and foremost in our minds has been the pandemic. The corona virus was all consuming to most of us around the world leading to massive lock-downs and new buzz words such a s 'social distancing', Zoom meetings, and distance learning, not to mention the ever popular 'PPE' (personal protective equipment) and N95's. 'Working from home' became a reality for many of us and many of us found that the grass is not always greener when being 'stuck' working there ~ especially when you didn't even have a chance to 'plan' for it. Essential personnel/front-line workers came dressed in many colors of medical scrubs accessorized by face shields, layers of masks, gloves, shoe covers and surgical gowns. Many of our other 'essential workers' were that of the 'blue collar type' ~ they became the 'glue' that kept our country intact and probably kept whatever economy we may have still had left from falling completely never to be found again. More recently, there has been the unrest between citizens and law enforcement. I shutter to think what else could happen with the 6 months of 2020 that are left. How about YOU? What has happened in YOUR little piece of the world that made everything that has happened since January that much more upsetting/unbearable (as if everything that I quickly outlined above wasn't enough)? (I actually heard someone on TV say: 'If you learn to time travel' you should never pick 2020 to travel to ~ just skip it!).

For me and my family, 2020 hasn't been all that kind. At the end of 2018, Mike got down on one knee and asked my DD to be his bride. The excitement of planning a wedding, buying 'the magic dress', getting the bridesmaids dresses, tuxedos for the guys, arranging for the venue, etc all came crashing down when the first thing that had to be 'postponed' (still has not been rescheduled) was DD's Bridal Shower. If you want to read a little recap on what happened with 'The Wedding', please visit my previous blogs:
COVID19 #Coronavirus #UpcomingWedding #WeWon'tGiveUp!!! (Written 3/14/20) here is the link:

***AND*** #WeDidn'tGiveUp!!! (Written 3 months later on 6/14/20), here is the link to that one: www.sparkpeople.

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If you have continued reading - thank you, but I'm sure you are wondering what all of this has to do with a healthy lifestyle...?????

*****~~~Here it is: SPARKPEOPLE = CONSISTENCY (or 'NORMALCY')~~~*****

I've been a member of SparkPeople since August/September 2008, that is almost 12 years! In 2010, I found the 5% Challenges and became a member of the Firecracker Team. I've participated in good challenges (yeah - I lost weight) /bad challenges (oops - I gained weight) /every-type of challenge in-between (yup! - I've had to start 'over again' many, many times). I've been an active member and/or leader of the 5% Challenges for MOST rounds since I began participating in them. I have met many 'virtual friends' (and a few of those I have met in person) that I've been able to talk to about almost anything/everything and I have received support, virtual hugs and a shoulder to cry on when I've needed it.

Our NEXT Seasonal Challenge is the 2020 Summer 5% Challenge, although we didn't have a start date, we are hoping to begin on Saturday, 7/4/20. That is less than 20 days from today (6/15/20). Here is your invitation (copied from Lynn/KALISWALKER, one of our Overall Challenge Community Leaders).

'This is your invitation! Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun along the way? Check out the 2020 Summer 5% Challenge! Team members will work towards losing 5% of their starting weight in 8 weeks by participating in team challenges that focus on exercise & healthy lifestyle habits. Members in maintenance are also welcome. Let’s have fun, make new friends and get in shape!'

Follow this link to get started right away!

Just to give you a little more information, you will go to the link (above) and join the COMMUNITY Team. This Community (made up of several hundred SparkPeople) will be divided into SparkTeams that will compete against one another during the 8 weeks that we do this Challenge together. Before you do anything, please pull out your calendar and add your check the dates of the 5% Challenge: 7/4/20 - 8/28/20. You have the best chance of being successful if you SCHEDULE the 5% Challenge and make sure that you CHECK-IN REGULARLY. Make the Seasonal 5% Challenges part of ***YOUR NORMAL*** ~ Hope to see you there!!!!!

Please Note: If we do start on 7/4/20 ... here is how I add the Challenge to MY calendar:
Start Date/Week #1: 7/4/20 - 7/10/20
Week #2: 7/11/20 - 7/17/20
Week #3: 7/18/20 - 7/24/20
Week #4: 7/25/20 - 7/31/20
Week #5: 8/01/20 - 8/07/20
Week #6: 8/08/20 - 8/14/20
Week #7: 8/15/20 - 8/21/20
Week #8: 8/22/20 - 8/28/20 - End of 2020 Summer 5% Challenge
Final Weigh In: 8/29/20
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It has been a crazy 6 months since New Years! My son and fiancee went from extravagant wedding to backyard, from 175 guests to 19! Talk about only essential people, whew! But so far, we've all managed to stay healthy and mostly employed. I vote for a calmer next 6 months.
    324 days ago
    You are right in saying Spark People has been the most constant friend in the pandemic year. I loved my little pt job and the friends from there. It ended mid March and not sure if it will ever happen again. Having health visits by phone and many jobs are "working from home" also. Education virtually has drawbacks and I so pray this does not have to continue. We have to be patient, do what we can to stay healthy and work together to help other as we can. emoticon
    324 days ago
    The new normal is Topsy turvy but Spark continues to bring us some normalcy
    324 days ago
    Wife and I were sick most of February and then the lock down. We had three storms that knocked our power out for five days but all left our trees. Then the public water system had a boil order for five days. But we have a garden growing and flowers blooming. Life is good.
    324 days ago
    Life sure DID TURN SO FAR UPSIDE DOWN!! No work as of March 12th since I work in a local school system with a 2nd grade class. I am one of the WAY SO FORTUNATE in that work continued to pay me. I Have been able to join the class I work with on ZOOM with the teacher. LOL Its given me quite some laughs!! One little boy who's 7 came to show and tell that day on ZOOM with a DEAD BIRD!! THANKFULLY it was "only' the skeleton!! LOL I wanted to both laugh and throw up!! His excitement though was VERY CATCHY!! The school year of 2019-20 is now over. We are awaiting to see what the 2020-21 one will bring. If it's virtual learning will there still be snow days? LOL LOL LOL Hey I need a sense of humor here!

    The civil unrest is noticeable of course. SILLY Humans!! What if all cats, dogs all had the same coloring? We'd not have such a variety!! If all flowers were the same, where's the variety? If all food was the same color, our eyes wouldn't be as pleased. It's ONLY skin.

    WOOHOO to the 5% Challenge!! Like Heidi, I've been here since 2010 (though the challenge started in 2011 that was my first one in January). I've lost over 115 lbs and as with Heidi and others, I HIGHLY recommend the 2020 Summer 5% Challenge!! The support is AMAZING!

    325 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    Indeed this has been a year that has brought out the best and the worst in people. The last few months have been extremely challenging with the many issues but indeed they need to be addressed. And I guess that ties in to the 5% as well..you can read about it..you can think about it..you can even sign up for it..but unless you do the work..well you won't get results from work you didn't do!
    325 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    325 days ago
    This year has had many blessings but also many challenges. I have had two new grandsons born. The first on Feb 7th living about 4 hours away and with it being winter my husband and I were not able to get up to see him right away - we though in the Spring. The second was born February 26th. I did get to meet him - once! Now they are 4 and 3 months old and I've only seen them remotely.

    But we also lost a few family members. A sister-in-law passed away mid-April with her husband following her 2 days later. My niece was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer and my daughter's mother-in-law just passed away last week, and she was fairly young.

    I do my best to remain positive and keep myself busy. There have been many blessings that have come with being able to stay at home - less money being spent, more time to work on projects, more time to read. I do hope that by Fall we will be on the road to recovery!
    325 days ago
    325 days ago
    great blog!
    325 days ago
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