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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Thank you all who commented on my last blog: 'COVID19 #Coronavirus #UpcomingWedding #WeWon'tGiveUp!!!'. This blog was posted on Saturday, March 14, 2020. Here is the link: www.sparkpeople.

It seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote this blog ... at the time, I was still hopeful that my DD's wedding would happen. I was hopeful that the pandemic would run its course and would be 'over and/or more manageable' by the time the *BIG DAY* was supposed to happen. Sadly, the pandemic is still here and our 'new normal' looks very different than I had hoped.

You see, I live in NJ and we seem to have been one of the states hit hardest by COVID-19. It was shortly after I wrote the above referenced blog (link above) that we had to postpone DD's Bridal Shower. She was extremely disappointed, yet took it all in stride. She kept on asking me if we could reschedule it before 6/6 ~ I told her that we would try, but we couldn't promise anything. She asked me if I thought her dress would be able to be delivered to Kleinfeld's in NYC before her big day and I told her that I'm sure that they would try. She asked if I thought she would be able to have her Bachlorette Party with her closest 'besties' before the wedding ~ I told her that I'm sure her friends would try. Every time we discussed the wedding my stomach would turn as I feared that she would not have the day she always dreamed of ... and my heart ached every time I said 'Sweetie, I just don't know'.

Several people commented on the blog that I referenced and asked how things turned out, so this blog is designed as an 'update' ...

First of all, I don't believe that I know anyone on SP outside of SP, so it is safe for me to 'share'. Last Saturday, in a private ceremony at my girlfriend's lovely home, DD and my new SIL said 'I DO!!!' We had a small gathering ~ under 25 people and it was outside. The weather was lovely. It was DH and I and SIL's parents. My girlfriend and her husband, their daughter, son and daughter-in-law. Invited were my brother and DH's closest friend (he lost his wife a few years back quite suddenly and has been an 'adopted part of our family' for the last 25 years ~ but more so once his wife passed. Our minister was there to officiate (he married DH and I, my GF and her DH and baptized all 3 of our children, among other connections to the family). He brought his wife. Other than that, some of the bridal party was also there to witness the ceremony. My SIL's brother is moving to Idaho for a job so joined us via Zoom along with my parents, the grooms maternal grandmother as well as the groom's paternal grandparents and aunt/uncle who 'zoomed in' from FL. After the ceremony, we had a 'reception' in my GF's backyard ~ the catering staff was my DH and I, my GF and her husband, and my DD's Mother/Father-in-Law. We did all of the cooking ourselves (BBQ style ~ but a little more upscale including filet-mignons along with hamburgers/hot dogs). The whole 'production' was a lot of work for us as we were the decorators/catering hall/cooks/servers/clean-up committee.

I did find a local florist who did a bouquet for DD. Because the grandmother's could not attend, I had the florist make up a bouquet with a favorite flower of mine, her MIL, and her 3 living grandmothers ~ so that she could carry all of us with her. I found a bakery local to my GF's house and she did a beautiful 2-tier cake for them so they even got their 'take away' cake to have on their 1st anniversary. So she didn't have the wedding of her dreams (an outdoor wedding is something that she NEVER dreamed of, yet, it happened) but we tried to make it the best and most memorable day under the circumstances.

The 'party-wedding' is scheduled now to happen on 8/8, but the minister won't be available that day as he is (hopefully) going out of town to attend an anniversary celebration of a former parish. In his place, one of DD's Sorority Sisters will be 'officiating' so that DD has the walk down the aisle with her Dad, etc. and at the end of the ceremony it will be announced that they were married in a private ceremony on 6/6. NJ is a little slower to 'open up' from the COVID-19 shut-down, we are entering 'phase 2' tomorrow, but the area where DD/SIL are 'getting married on 8/8 in PA is already in 'phase 2' ~ so we are very hopeful that the 'party' will happen. Anyone who attended this wedding is not spoiling the surprise by telling anyone what happened on 6/6 ~ THAT will be revealed after the 'ceremony' at the venue on 8/8. I hope to run a slideshow of the photos that were taken on 6/6 after the 8/8 'vows'.

I wasn't planning on writing a 'book' ~ just a quick update ... but there was quite the story to tell. Thanks to all who asked about us ... more chapters will be written as the days/weeks unfold. Stay Tuned!!!?????!!!!!!!!!!
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