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Had a decent day

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Today lifted my spirits but still gave me a migraine. Stress, something I've had a lot of lately. The day started up messed up. I forgot I live in the central time zone and my lawyer is in the eastern time zone. Which meant my 10am teleconference should have had me calling at 9am. Big oops! Thankfully the lawyer was nice and I apologized for my screw up. He's trying to help me streamline everything and get it done. I'm been organizing the mass of paperwork for my brother's estate. I had to print off emails and documents. I have an accordion file for my brother's estate business. Plus I have an individual file for my business.The car is taken care of. I was allowed to pay off the loan with the estate account plus any outstanding bills under $500. I will have to have the house appraised when I get down there so it can be sold. It hasn't worked out where i could pay off the loan and keep it. I really like the house and the area. My brother had three timeshare condos in New smyrna beach Florida that I'm have to deal with. Looks like I'll have to get a lawyer there to take care of that. Plus I sent my lawyer asking about the 1991 Firebird that my brother and my son were starting fixing up. It doesn't run but my brother had my son order the parts. So he's anxious about that. I don't need the inventory now since it's my other and I and he doesn't want any part of what our brother had. The lawyer's sending papers to him. My son is looking forward to spending at least two weeks in Florida in September. I need to call about that. I'm ready to smell the ocean and walk on sandy beaches. Hopefully see all our friends at the condo too. They come from all over every year. We have grown closer each year. I have 2 dr appointments, my mammogram and a therapist appointment scheduled next month. After I have my teleconference with my therapist I can see my psychiatrist. My mood is much better. My feet and hands are very painful today. I was so busy plus the rain and wind off of Cristobal remnants kept me inside. I spent the day dealing with my brother's stuff. I need to work on my checkbook and make sure its balanced and all. Not a bad day on four hours sleep. Maybe now I can relax and sleep and get into normal sleep habits again. Hope y'all have a great night and tomorrow. Sending you all peace, love, happiness and joy plus hugs.
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