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Monday, June 08, 2020

I was doing so good after my nice walk the other day. I felt so much better about myself. Bam! The next day turned into pain central..yesterday was a bust as far as activity was concerned. I had a migraine, my neck hurt, my right shoulder hurt, my back hurt, my knees hurt, and my right foot is doing its weirdness again. I'm walking funny. When I see a doctor everything is fine so they can't understand what is going on when I describe it. I just chalk it up to the arthritis and fibromyalgia problems I have. I'm hoping that the rain holds off until tomorrow. I would really like to try and get out for a short walk if it's not a sauna outside. Our humidity in the morning and at night is steadily between 80 and 100%. Saturday morning the heat index was over 90 at 9am.it was hard to breathe. Then the sun came out. Yuck. So I waited till after 7:30pm to walk. It was sticky but at least there wasn't any sun. I'm feeling overwhelmed right now. Trying to.make heads or tails of everything. I have an old entertainment center that has books, DVDs, odds and ends on it. It's behind the Guinea pig cage. It's imploding in on itself. I've been trying to get the breakable stuff off but I'm running out of room. There's going to be some rearranging if furniture and stuff but I also have to get rid of some things. Trying to figure out how to best rearrange my kitchen cabinet contents to fit in some of my brother's stuff, like dishes that were our late Mom's. Or the cartoon character glasses I got from Pizza Hut in the 70s. I wondered where mine were. My brother had them. My son's box Springs broke so he can't sleep on his bed..so he's been sleeping on the couch. Waiting for the box Springs to get here hopefully tomorrow. Just one more thing to add to the list. When it rains it pours. Conference call with my lawyer in Tennessee in the morning. I need to know what all I need to do regarding my brother's estate since he didn't leave a will. I was appointed administrator of the estate. Things were complicated by my living in Kentucky and he lived 450 miles away on the opposite end of Tennessee. I'm trying to sort through everything but I got so frustrated that I quit. Next week my son will probably take me back to Tennessee to pack up more of my stuff and my brother's. I had moved a lot of my stuff down there because I was taking care of him and told him I would as long as he needed me. So I was planning on living with him for however long he needed me. I'll probably have to rent a truck to get my stuff home. Maybe my son and I can have a mini vacation too. He hasn't had a vacation in awhile. Plenty to do in NE Tennessee and in North Carolina and Virgina. Thanks for letting me ramble on. I needed to "offload" some of the stuff in my brain. Love, peace, joy, happiness and compassion.
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