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Review of May and June Goals

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

In May I didn't make any goals for some reason. I guess I was in a rut with being at home during the pandemic and I just wasn't staying consistent with eating healthy and exercising. I had gained four to five pounds from my lowest weight the past couple months, and in May my weight went up and down the same one to two pounds. But at least I didn't gain more! I did a lot of walking for my exercise. My dh and I would head out early in the morning and walk 5-6 miles. Now the weather is getting hot here in Florida, and even though my gym just opened this week, I decided to be cautious and put my membership on hold for this month. So I knew I needed to get a good exercise goal for working out inside my house. I find that I am more motivated when I have something different to do, so I got the "brainy idea" to come up with a theme for my goals this month. I thought about how June is the sixth month of the year, and maybe I could do something with the number six. So, I found a way to make all my goals related to six in some way.

My overall goal is to do six or more of these things each day. I have more than six things on this list, so that I have an option for exercising and I can choose what I have time for on busier days when I am out of the house.

My first section of goals goes back to when I did a Miracle Morning routine every day. I want to get back to it but I find that to be more consistent in doing this routine first thing in the morning, I can't spend a long period of time on all of the components, so I will mix and match what I have time for and let six minutes be a long enough time for each one.

Six or more minutes of:
Meditation and prayers
Affirmations and visualization of daily goals
Inspirational reading (positive news and self improvement article/book)
Writing in my journal

For exercise, I have several choices. I want to do at least one each day, but on days that I am at home and have time, I may do all of them!

Six or more minutes of walking around the house
Six or more minutes of yoga stretches
Six different strength training exercises (3 sets of 12 reps)
Six dances to YouTube music videos

And on days when it isn't really hot or I feel like I can take the heat...
A walk of six miles or kilometers (which is about 3 3/4 miles)

Nutrition and other healthy habits is the third category I want to focus on each day.

Six or more 10-ounce glasses of water
Six or more servings of freggies
At least six hours of sleep each night

I am getting back to the keto program this month, cutting down on carbs!

This is not a goal but maybe I can even lose six pounds this month!

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