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How Do I Get White-Out Off of My Computer Keyboard?

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Yeah, I still use Wite-Out on handwritten paperwork. I actually have a little file to remember my passwords and usernames. And I spilled the white goop on my keyboard yesterday! Luckily not on the keys, but still on my keyboard.

There's other stuff you shouldn't have near your Tablet/Notebook/Laptop/ Desk Top Computer either, and I should know--when I went to college it was just before the World Wide Net debuted and not many students had their own computer. So my college had computer labs for students, and students carried around discs to use on the machines. I was employed in work study as a computer lab monitor. Very much like study hall in high school--I didn't assist students on their work, i just sat at a desk, took their student ID and didn't allow for talking, or eating or drinking near the computers. SO I know better than to have a beverage near your device. (Yeah, I have never slipped up here but I sometimes do put a glass of water on my desk. This is fair warning to myself NOT to do so anymore!)

So I found a great little article and I am going to try the WD40 after purchasing it. BECAUSE I wasn't fast enough with a damp paper towel and also, DON"T use acetone nail polish remover because it will take out some of the color of your device! My Notebook happens to be purple. Still pretty sure it's Wite-Out and not stripped white plastic I am looking at here. Rubbing alcohol didn't work because it's dried on.

By the way, do you know who Michael Nesmith is? He was one of the Monkees, and his mother, a secretary, invented Wite-Out! (MIchael Nesmith was also one of the principal founders of MTV.)
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