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Friday, May 29, 2020

I love Dr. Nowzardan from My 600-Lb. Life. He was counseling a patient. He said do you know the difference between stop and slow down? If I take a baseball bat and start hitting you, do you want me to stop or slow down? haha very wise. I am thinking of which naughty habit I should apply it to.

My friends and I are quite cautious about going out. Things have relaxed a bit, but it's still important to do the right things. Next week is the sorority wind up. 12 of us will be on a large deck with a roof, social distancing, all wearing masks except when we are eating. We are each to bring our own food and beverage. We will exchange gifts but I am sure we will be using wipes and/or gloves.

We are staying close to home, but we are walking the dogs and chatting with our neighbors from the appropriate distance. We are fortunate our needs and our wants are few. Our daughter teaches kindergarten and is back in the class with students on Monday. I am concerned for her.

Food. Slimfast is working! I stuck with it for 4 days. Slimfast, tea, coffee, water, chicken broth, Kool Aid slushies 0 calories, PGX capsules and low calorie Jello. Yesterday, day 3 time I felt quite hungry so I had a slice of pizza (frozen leftover from a few weeks ago). Today at linner (in between lunch and dinner) I had pumpkin soup and fruit slices. The first 2 days of Slimfast were easy, but the last 2 days I had to eat a bit. In the future I can see doing Slimfast a day or two a week or making Slimfast my go to breakfast. I made a large pot of pumpkin soup today, part of using up newly discovered pantry items.

Sleep. Yep still taking a sleeping pill to stay asleep and out of the kitchen. Hopefully it will continue when I stop taking the pills this weekend.

Exercise. Yesterday 5 of us friends did a video chat & youtube exercise at 11 AM, each from our own homes. It was quite an aerobic workout, and towards the end I had to go outside for a bit to cool off. Today we did a Zumba one, that was fun and an easier aerobic exercise, but I did get hot and put a wet towel on my neck. Each day we will take turns picking the video. We are doing the seniors' exercises because we are not all at the same fitness level. It's great to have fitness friends again.

NOOM - link something you like to do with something you don't like to do - link a reward to a duty. I am building my list and this motivational tool does work. I got my friends to do the video chat exercises with me. I will keep adding to the list.

1) I walk the dog and listen to an audio book. Each afternoon at 4 PM hubby and I walk the dogs together and we chat. It makes our dogs so happy when we all go together and have playtime in the field.
2) Go to bed earlier and watch a TV show. I don't watch much TV so it's enjoyable.
3) Slimfast = good weigh ins
4) Videochatt & youtube exercise at 11 AM with my friends. Makes it a habit and fun.

Tomorrow is the last weigh in for the 2020 Spring 5% Challenge. I think I have lost about 6 pounds this spring. Sign up for the Summer Challenge starts on Sunday.
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