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Friday, May 29, 2020

I was feeling really rotten about my mileage that I have walked this year. Then, I realized why it was lower than normal. I realized that my brother had that heart attack and his health was bad. So in December we didnt go to Florida for our month on the beach or the extra week at Sanibel Island this year. That's where I would build up my miles to end the year and start fresh for 2020. Boy do I miss that. Taking care of my brother meant my 24/7 routinevwas focused on helping him. Spoiling him a bit and doing everything I could to help him. A few nice days i got out to take short walks but not my normal hours of walking because i didn't feel comfortable leaving him. My life was forever altered when he passed away on March 12th. Deep down I knew it would end this way but I kept praying for his healing. God healed his body when He called him home. I knew it was for the best but the reality is hard to accept. It was a scene replayed all over exactly to another time, October 7, 2004 when my first husband died. I hope and pray I never have to deal with that scenario again. Anyway my body has been fighting me tooth and nail since March 12th. I have two screws in my left knee and a large bone spur on my right kneecap. When I am on my hands and knees I'm in severe pain. I know when I got down on the floor to do CPR, I hit the floor hard. My knees were black for six weeks. They are still bruised to touch. So my walking has been limited. Then the pain from arthritis and the fibromyalgia flare up have put me over the edge. I've been sitting in my recliner with my legs elevated most of the time. It helps with the swelling. My walking has been hit and miss this month. The 8th I walked over 21,000 steps. Don't know how but I did. Out in my brother's yard, his hilly driveway and a medium long walk. It felt good but then the pain set in once more with weather changes. A week ago we loaded the car up and came home. That 450 mile drive took a toll on my back. It does that every now and then plus my right hip area had been bothering me. My walking decreased dramatically because it hurt so bad. Wednesday I saw my primary care doctor and told him everything that had been going on and he said a steroid shot would probably help. It has. Today, I was working on my walking log for May and was so disappointed with my numbers. I made a decision to get up and make myself move. I also had been to Home Depot, CVS and Aldi so that added a few steps in this. Then after supper I talked my son into going with me for a short walk. I did okay so after it got too dark to walk outside-I live in a rural farm town, I decided to see if I could walk room to room inside and get to 10,000 steps and I did. Plus I helped my son install the new kitchen faucet. I kept my calories just below my low end of my range. So that was good. I bought lots of fresh vegetables to eat at Aldi's. Nothing at the Farmer's Market right now so I couldn't get anything locally grown. That's okay. After the doctor appointment on Wednesday I went to our local meat market and got some meat to have. Today I got asparagus, avocado, bell peppers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, mini seedless cucumbers, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, yellow squash and zucchini. I also got penne pasta and cheese to make roasted vegetables with penne and cheese. Nice hearty filling dish. I'll also have roasted vegetables with another meat with pork steaks, something from my years in St Louis that I have maybe once or twice a year. I'm wanting to get more vegetables in my diet. The Guinea pigs enjoyed some broccoli too. I forgot carrots but that will be my next trip. Tomorrow I am going to make me some unsweetened tea to drink. I need to reorganize my refrigerator. Plus boil some eggs so I can have hard boiled eggs. If not tomorrow then over the weekend. I have a lot of business matters to take care of. An inventory of my brother's household. Getting my checking account on the computer program. Plus his two accounts. That will take awhile. So much has to be done. An old entertainment center being used as bookcase/DVD holder and my shell collection center plus holding my Aunt and brother's ashes is caving in on itself. We've been moving stuff off. The Guinea pigs live ina cage in from of it. Major changes will be made in the living room. Need to get another China cabinet because it's starting to come apart too. I don't have any place to put my grandmother's china. It just all in the air. We have a bookcase and another cabinet coming for the living room. Plus moving the tv location. Everything in my house is ina state of reorganization. I have too much stuff to move and find room for that I had taken back to my brother's house in September, December and February when I didn't know how long I was going to be there. Plus all my clothes that are there too. So lots going on. Several more trips to his house. Probably going mid to late June to take care of more stuff. Plus I forgot to get the mail forwarded to my house so I have to take care of that. I get mail there too. Ugh! Too many details to take care of. At least for now I'm feeling better. I hope tomorrow will be as good. Weather permitting another walk or two, maybe three. Just depends because I definitely don't want to overdo it and set myself back. Take care of yourselves. Enjoy your weekend. So much to do outside too. Sending you wishes for love, joy, happiness, peace and hugs. Ramona
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