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BLOGGING and TEAM CHAT for WEIGHT LOSS. Yes it is important! Let me tell you why.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Hi, guys everywhere!

Some time ago, I learned something important about Sparkpeople.
Blogging and posting on my team challenge chats was not what it appeared to be, just another time filler. A read an SP article many years ago. It told me to blogging is a powerful way to lose weight. At that time I scoffed it off saying, "I don't have the time". I was surprised to find blogging and team posting was more powerful than I ever imagined.

I am not a daily blogger, but whenever I blog I learn more about myself. There is something about sharing thoughts that teaches and heals. Sometimes I browse blogs. there are times what I read changes my life forever.

I am now doing a challenge. It is intensive. That's what I need right now. One of the requirements is to post on the team chat three times a day. Whenever I get a challenging assignment like that. the first thought that comes into my mind is, "NO, not more work!" It's an initial feeling, but it goes away. The challenge I am on now has me asking important questions like, "What did I do right, last week and what do you need to improve on. how will you do that, what is your plan?"

These are called NSV (Non-Scale Victories), In this case, Non-Scale tasks.
which pose questions that give me something to think about, plan, and do. The chat team "REFLECTIONS"
This week my team chat "reflection" was a review of the weekly results of last week's spreadsheet tracker. I learned to track, not just one, but several goals.

The result: I had no idea wasn't doing enough aerobics to lose weight. Reviewing last week's tracker spreadsheet taught me something. Chatting about it gave it life. I was empowered. I have more motivation. I know what direction I need to go.

I have hope.

Blogging and team chatting is the glue that solidifies our thoughts.

Remember, NEVER GIVE UP!

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