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Thankful Thursday !!! Off day yesterday, but read, and supposedly she's feeling better today !

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Our virtual kitchen is Covid-19 free ...:)

Thankful Thursday..

Mom was 'off' yesterday ..her legs were so sore, but I picked up her water pills .. and showed them to her .. so she knew which one they were .. Dr K said that she could discontinue these if they caused problems with no serious effect .. She's been taking her "tylenol" .. and I keep telling her, that that is for joint and muscle pain .. not for the water retention, and from what she's saying .. water retention is what is hurting her legs .. and yes .. her legs are so swollen, her ankles are red .. but I showed them to her, so if they are "causing problems" she knows which ones to discontinue ... But she was out of it when I finally got there at 1:00ish .. still in her pjs, and was a challenge to keep her mood up ...

She was having a friend come over .. one of her friends that she's been trying to connect with since before this whole thing happened .. Her friend called and was concerned that her phone had been busy all morning, and now there was no answer (her phone battery burned out and needed to be recharged) but she was about to call Ceil to check on her ...

I got her up and going, and she got dressed and looked human again .. lol but still struggling .. I did some sprucing up, and gathered up her garbages (I park downstairs and pass the garbage room anyway when I leave) ....

Pat came, and I introduced myself; and sat with them for about 5 minutes or so .. and said my goodbyes .. She is a very nervous person, but came in and said that there was a notice on the front door that someone had Covid in their building .. I said no .. those signs have been up there, and that person tested negative .. and she insisted .. so I went out to double check .. Didn't need THAT to happen now .. lol ... even though mom took the news with a grain of salt .. I went out to double check before I left .. it was the same sign that was posted since March ..and I popped my head back in and told them that .. Pat still insisted, and I told her to really read it .. it states "HAS NOT" in red .. so they are all safe .. no worries .. lol ..

I did try and go "Sally shopping" yesterday morning .. looking forward to Micheals being open for in store shopping .. I wanted to look for some things for my drawings .. and I wanted to stop at Walmart .. plus getting some steps .. that I've been sorely missing lately .. and it felt good .. with the exception of mom calling (I figured out it was to tell me that her other perscription was ready .. but when I tried to call back, it was busy .. ) .. and Bill was texting me about the pendelum button .. that the wrist band didn't come with fall alert .. and he just was not comfortable without it .. When I talked with mom she made mention that she wished that Bill would have talked with her first .. Today I'm going to tell her that "I" was as much of a culprit as Bill, because this whole scenerio has scared the crap out of me as well .. so Bill doesn't have to take the full rap for the button thing .. even though the fall alert IS his idea .. and originally I thought it was a good idea .. but she told me yesterday that she did NOT want it .. (however, she was also in an off mood yesterday) but I picked up the stuff to shorten the string yesterday .. but didn't do it .. Pretty much getting out, in hopes to myself .. failed ..

I got to Michaels, and hubby texted me .. He was working outside working on the weeding .. so tomorrow, and Saturday and Sunday (cooler weather) I can get some of the tomato plants out .. as I left .. I stopped in back and said goodbye .. His little supervisor wasn't there .. there's been a ground squirrel that has just been munching away at the seed on the ground about 2-3 feet away from where he's working .. totally ignoring him .. but he hasn't been a threat to the little guy either ..

So -- I jump in Beauty, and drive out of the garage, and close the garage door and head out for my adventure .. He texted me when I got to Micheals, and told me that I closed the garage door .. and he had to climb to get in the house .. (this was after texting back and forth with Bill about the button) and I felt sooo bad .. I was going to text him, to find out if he wanted me to come home, but then realized his phone was in the house, so since he was texting me .. he did get in .. and thankfully no broken bones, because he had to climb over the trans am ..literally (and STUFF) ... I texted back I'm thankful that I have an agil hubby .. lol lol .. but I felt sooo bad ..

Yup -- that was the start of my "Sally shopping" day .. and I hadn't even made it to the first store yet .. .. I went in and to the art aisles .. and picked up a few things .. but didn't find what I was looking for .. I don't even now if it's made, but found another package of chalk ... so I have more colors .. lol lol .. I did pick up a "color pencil" pad .. but when I got home and "tested it" .. it is as pourus as my sketch pads .. sooo my education of color pencils will continue ..

I stopped at Walmart .. I wanted to look at rubbermaid drawers, but they didn't have any; so I left there, with a walk around the store, and a hair barret (have been wearing my hair up now that it's long enough (down to my waistband and in warm weather, is warm)) and some art blenders .. and I headed out .. and headed toward Walgreens to get mom's perscriptions, and I wanted some clear nailpolish .. (very hard to find right now) and then to mom's ...

I left mom's around 3 and headed for home .. and I was exhausted .. I think more emotionally (plus the yucky humidity) has been wiping me out ..

I got home and humbly walked into the house, and apologized to hubby again .. lol lol .. he was giggling ... He offered to play a game of golf, and I accepted .. I went upstairs and got in my comfy clothes, and came downstairs to play golf .. We actually TIED !!! I closed out my day with 7571 steps yesterday .. that is quite a bit more thagn I've been getting .. so I thank walking around the stores for helping me .. and even with all the communication chaos, it did feel good to just get away ..

I did stop at the office and peek in the windows .. empty .. nothing ... 2 desks in the sales office, and my hubs, and routers on our side .. nothing else .. gone .. everything .. guess I was just in a meloncholy mood yesterday morning ..

So -- that was my day yesterday .. I slept good last night, and feel pretty good this morning .. I read the caregiver's comments from overnight, and sounds like mom had a good night .. so hoping this afternoon will be a good one when I stop over .. Dee is working the AM shift, and she cleans ... and cleans .. and cleans somemore .. so the house will look decent, and there won't be much for me to do ..

This morning I'm going to make hubby a batch of chip dip this morning, and go up in my playroom .. I'm thinking since I am having a mental block on my drawing right now; I will work on my July and August birthday / anniversary cards .... (none in June on my calendar) .. and that will give me a break from drawing, and get my regroup back .. :) I figured it out from my head while I was driving yesterday (to get my mind off of everything else), and I think I came up with at LEAST 6 ... so that might keep me busy ..

I'm hoping to head to mom's mid afternoon .. I want to be sporatic, because I don't want her to wait and get into a rut specifically waiting for me .. .. because there are going to be times that are I won't be coming over ..

Tomorrow Bill is taking her out chair shopping, and that way he can work with her alone, and since he's scheduled to be at her house at 1:30, they won't be leaving until at least 2 .. I told him I would swing by and let the 4:00 caregiver in; so he doesn't have to watch the clock .. If I would have thought earlier; I would have rescheduled the 4:00 time to like 5 or 6 .. but I didn't, and the contract is 72 hour notice ..

So -- that's my day today and tomorrow .. So far so good .. and hoping mom's day continues well ..

Wishing everyone a wonderful day ... be safe, be strong, be smart, and be healthy !!!!!

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    38 days ago
    Grrr some of those old ladies....Glad your mom took her with a grain of salt!
    38 days ago
    Ohhhhh man, not the thing your Mom needed to hear yesterday about the covid – even though there WASN’T. **SIGH** Once the get an idea in their head, you can’t shake it loose sometimes.

    Really! The wrist band doesn’t have fall alert! What the heck is it for! OH boy. Hope the situation gets remedied to everyone’s satisfaction.

    Oh boy on poor hubby having to climb to get in the ouse. Glad nobody was hurt!

    Good luck to Bill and your Mom tomorrow chair shopping! That will be a divdersion for your Mom.

    HUGS and hang in there!
    38 days ago
    38 days ago
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