Wednesday, May 27, 2020

When you feel like you have nothing to lose, it can be easy to feel like giving up. The thing is, moments like this are when you have everything to gain. Don’t give into despair. Transform feelings of hopelessness into seeing challenges to overcome. If this is rock bottom, then up is the only direction you have left to go. Start climbing.

Failure has become such a negative word in our society. We fear it and are embarrassed by it. Yet, everyone has failed at some point in their lives. Instead of being ashamed of failure, but when we learn and grow from it, we never truly fail — we evolve and become even better.

They say that the truth can set you free. In fact, honesty is a key to enlightenment and higher thinking. However, harsh truths and brutal honesty can be turned into weapons rather than keys. They can be used as blades that bring pain to others. Let us all be mindful of this and practice kind truths, good truths, enlightening truths. We can share our honesty without brutality.
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