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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Focus on weight loss! 6 days to lose 1.6 pounds, and certainly not gain and be further away from the target.

Sleep. Last night was one of those nights I couldn't stay asleep. I came downstairs and had cereal, milk, banana, WASA crackers and liver pate. I recorded and it was an extra meal. Tonight I will take a sleeping pill and see if it helps keep me in bed and away from the food.

Food. Hubby and I both cook. We are eating well, lots of variety and usually a salad with dinner. We ares strict with meat portion control. Before I got to bed tonight I am preparing a cheese stick and apple slices (180 calorie snack) for an emergency. If I can't stay in bed, I know what I am 'allowing' myself to eat.

Exercise. Today I walked Rebel but didn't go for a long walk in the forest. Yesterday morning there was a running group, mountain bikers, etc. and they were not doing appropriate social distancing, so I took the day off. Early tomorrow morning it will be ok again.

NOOM - I am liking the motivational aspects of it, but I am not using it for nutrition tracking or recording exercise. I like Spark and I don't have an activity tracker, so not counting steps, but tracking time.

I am still doing Kitchen Spring Cleaning. I tackled the spice drawer. I wiped out the drawer, opened the lid of each spice bottle, and dusted the tops of the bottles and inside the lids, with the basting brush; then wiped off each spice jar. Over the years the spice had accumulated on top of some bottles and they weren't closing tightly. Next I cleaned and organized the misc. small handheld appliances cupboard. I found a stash of Christmas cookie gift tins - gone now!

It's surprisingly satisfying to straighten out these cupboards, and use up and reduce down the bottles of salad, and toss out extraneous items. We filled our deep freezer in December and we are working our way through it too. I wouldn't say I am Suzy Homemaker, but I am making good use of my time at home, so maybe I am on a mission haha.
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